Thursday, August 20, 2009

Are you a WATCH person??

For years I ALWAYS wore a watch. It was kind of a tradition at Christmas that I get a new watch. I guess you could say that for several years I was an avid watch collector. People were always commenting on my watches. I couldn't go out with out wearing one, if I did - I felt naked. Then a few years ago, I just quit wearing my watches. Maybe I grew tired of them or wasn't into what I had in my watch collection anymore (there were some funky ones.) When M and I met, I didn't wear a watch. He had never known me to wear one, and when he heard me and my family talking about all of the watches I have, he was like, what??

Well it wasn't until I was watching an episode of the Bachelorette when I noticed a chunky gold watch that Jillian was wearing.
I really liked it and it got me thinking, I need to get a watch and start wearing one again. Not long after that M and I were out and I spotted one I liked (on a sale table I might add.) I wanted to find one that wasn't very expensive because I wanted to get used to wearing one again before I got a nice one. So I got it and have been wearing it A LOT. I pretty much wear one everyday now. Monday night I had to run in Wal-greens to get some diet coke b/c we were all out at home and as I was making my way to the check out - I noticed this little cart just sitting in the isle where they had some sale items on it. As I passed by I noticed there were some watches on it, I kept walking because I would never buy myself a "Walgreens" watch! But just as that thought went through my head, my eye spotted a large gold, Rolex wanna be watch. I was like, hmmmm . . . I went over took a look and it looked just like some I have seen a lot of the celebs wearing, and kind of like the one Jillian had (minus the diamonds.) The price was a whopping $9.99! SOLD! I went up to the check out with my DC and new gold watch! When I got home M kinda thought I was crazy and he was like "That's a mans watch." Which it is, but that's what I wanted. I am not a small watch person, never have been, even in the days I wore one all the time. I'll save the small simple watch for when I'm old and gray. I love my new watch! I have really enjoyed wearing it! Maybe one day I can talk the hubs into gettin me a real gold Rolex!

When M looked at me like I was crazy for getting a mans watch - I told him that a lot of people wear them like this. I have customers who come in the store wearing them and I think they look great! So I am enjoying my watches. If I get another one soon, I'll be sure to show 'n tell!

Some of my watches:

The first one (from the left) is my Wal-greens watch, the 2nd one is the first one I got a while back which got me started wearing watches again, 3rd is actually a nice watch - it's a Skagen and is normally $250, but I got it on sale for $120 at Macy's. The last watch is one from my "old" watch collection, I got it for Christmas probably 5 years ago. It needs a new battery then I will start wearing it again.


Jennifer said...

Those are super cute. I haven't worn a watch in years. I'm not sure why....maybe it's because the battery went out and I was too lazy to get it replaced?? Or maybe bc my cell phone is always at my side and I use that clock? Either way, I should def start wearing one again!

Ashley said...

I love that you wear them, in fact you are starting to inspire me to want to wear one too!!! They are so in and I just don't ever think to wear them! I have a juicy one, but that is the only one I wear! I can't wait til you come back into town, we should go purchase a new watch together love!

Bobbie Noel said...

Just to let you know, I went to Pier 1 this weekend and they wave HUGE, ADORABLE watches!!!