Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Show 'N Tell Tuesday:Shorty "Smiles"


Tell: On our way home from NWA we stopped in Little Rock and went to the place that was my favorite when I was a little girl, Shorty Smalls - although I always called it Shorty Smiles! We moved to LR when I was 2 and stayed there till I was 7, before moving to NWA. I always LOOOVED going here! You may be wondering why I took some of the pictures I did, and I will tell. The 4th picture of the stairs (and half of Mike's arm) really has memories for me! I was so glad we sat where we did and I could see the stairs. I remember going up these stairs and being greeted by all of my friends by a Surprise 7th Birthday Party. My Mom was gone one afternoon (getting things ready for my party - which I didn't know at the time) so my Dad said: "Let's go to Shorty Smalls!" Of course I was like YES! So we went and I was so surprised to see that all of my little friends were there! It's a great memory!! We sat up there, giggled and drank Shirley Temples! I have a picture of this somewhere - will have to post when I run across it again! Another picture is of this little escalator thing which is by the bar. They used to put food and drinks on this and send it upstairs for the people that were up there. I used to just love watching this go up and down and sometimes when we were eating there my parents would take me up there and have them send my Shirley Temple up to me! I love that memory! We were not that hungry, but wanted a little something, so we got Shorty's famous Cheese Sticks! I have never had cheese sticks this big - they are SO good!!! Mike always loves mozzarella sticks, so that was part of the reason I wanted us to stop here, because I knew he would enjoy these! I am 27, so it was weird to think and say that I have loved this place for 20 years!! But it's true! I love having a place that holds childhood memories like this! I text my Dad as were were sitting there to tell him where we were and not even 5 minuets later he was calling me! My Mom just happened to call me too as we were pulling out of the parking lot and I made her guess where we were until she got it! She was like "Awwww . . Shorty SMILES!!"

That was a great way to end our fun filled weekend, which I still have to make a post about - may do that tonight! In the meantime, if any of you are going through Little Rock, stop at Shorty Smalls - they have the best burgers, barb-q, chicken tenders, and of course Cheese Sticks! Shorty aims to please! Oh and dontcha just love the quote about his bar-b-Q???

***UPDATE - I looked for the picture of me and my friends at Shorty's for my surprise 7th birthday party tonight and I found it! So funny how young we are here. Had to post it!
That's me in the back standing up in the blue pants.


Annie said...

that place is so original and neat!!
so cute that they had a surprise party for you there!

glad you had such a good trip! :)

seems like there are lots of posts on food today....i'm starving!

Courtney said...

What super sweet memories! Looks like a fun place, and those mozarella sticks look so yummy!

Ashley said...

This is the cutest post! What a wonderful memory Lindsey!

I love you! ;)

In this wonderful life... said...

that pic is so cute!! I've heard of SS but don't think I've ever been..unless I was little and don't remember! Glad you guys made the stop :)