Friday, August 21, 2009

Bedroom Facelift: Before/After Pics

Since we got our new canopy bed, I had not really done a lot in our bedroom when it comes to decorating. I haven't decided what colors I wanted or anything. I knew I was going to keep my white bead spread because I like to be able to mix color sheets and pillows to our bed as seasons change. Last night I decided to play around and did a little staging in our bedroom. I used things I already had & took some pieces from other rooms & placed them in our room. In only 1 hour the room had a complete face lift! 

Now - I have said before that I am not really a pink person. I mean I do like pink & all but I'm just picky about the shade of pink & how it's used. This comes to clothing and decor. As you will see from the pictures, I used a pink pillow to warm up the room & add a little pop of color. (The hubby didn't mind - so that was good! ha ha) I started with the pillow, then I thought of the rug I had. I love the turn out! It was funny how starting with the pink pillow helped me think of the rug and other things to do in the room. You would've thought I started with the rug, huh? But that was actually the last thing I put in the room. Well - actually the last thing was the green pillow in the chair - but I did that since there was green in the rug. The room is fun & happy, while also a bit contemporary yet sophisticated. Now, I doubt that I will keep pink in our bedroom forever. I get tired of things easily and love change when it comes to rooms.  Sometimes I like to change my pillows and accessories throughout the seasons, so come Christmas, I don't know that I will still have pink in our bedroom - but for now I love it! 

Some of the things I gathered from other rooms will have to go back where I got them, because they make those rooms too. But doing this helped me see how this room comes together and what I want to purchase. I played around a bit with different lamps, chairs, and accessories. Sometimes I think it's a good idea to move things around & take pieces that you already have and try them in different spaces. It is an inexpensive, easy way to get a new look and even if you don't leave all the pieces in the space for good - it can help you in-vision how you do want a space to look! I really enjoyed doing this and can't wait to do it in another room. I usually do this type of thing at night and have done it to other rooms in the past. One day I'll post some more before/after pics of some other spaces I have done. Today I got to thinking . . . .hmm maybe I should start a "staging" business. ha ha! Don't know about that - but I do enjoy it myself. It's kind of a hobby I guess you could say. I have a few more ideas & things I would like to do - so when I get to those I'll be sure to post & show what I have done. One last thing - some of the items in the room where not cheap, but some things I got at GREAT deals:

Pink pillow on bed: $6 Wal-Mart
Black Bedside Table: $15 (I posted about this and my weekend in AR a few days ago.)
Funky mirror over bed: $14 
Throw on chair: Pier 1, on sale for $9.99 (originally $35)
Floor Lamp $69.99 TJ Max
Leather Ottoman at foot of bed: $129.99 TJ Max
AND THE SHOCKER . . . . . . . . . 
Floral Print 8x10 Rug $25 Lowe's  (what a STEAL!) and for that price I don't feel bad if I do change rugs one day.

Oh, before I go - a couple more things and I promise I'm done! If you notice in the first couple pics, I have our white wooden blinds down. I have been noticing in some magazines and decor sites that some windows did not have blinds and were more open. I tried this I think it made a HUGE difference and really opened up the room. Before it looked too closed in & white against the walls.  I pull them back down at night of course. So I'm wondering, in design/decor world . . . are wood blinds (or blinds period) not in anymore??? hmm . . . Last thing - we put our bed in between the windows & when we purchased the bed a few months ago I didn't even think to measure it & make sure it would fit without going over the windows. The bed posts do go out a little over the windows & it kind of bugs me. I have looked at a ton of magazines & pictures & saw some rooms with canopy beds that went over the windows a bit but still looked good - so that made me feel a little better. So if any of you professional decorators/designers out there know the do's or donts to this, please LMK! I'm still debating on drapes. What color, style, etc. - but for now I like the clean look with out them.  Now if I could ever get our bedroom painted . . . . I just have no clue what color I would do and be happy with?? I'll save that for a much later project! 

Going to the movies with Mom later, & maybe some sushi and wine before! Oh yea! 


Jen and Rob said...

Love it! Those were some awesome buys!

Jennifer said...

OMG that is fabulous!! The rug is to die for girl!!!!

Traci said...

I hopped on your blog from Ashley's. I think you helped her decide on her blog design colors. I thought the other one was too cutesy too! LOL

Anyway, you girls are crazy! I am so jealous of that $15 nightstand. I have been looking forever for a deal like that.

I love the rug and the blinds up. I have seen the bed overlapping the window, too and I don't think it's a big deal. I love the changes to the room!

In this wonderful life... said...

GREAT job!! It looks really good! And that rug...was it on sale? that is a really good price!

my only thing with blinds being up...people looking in (maybe I'm paranoid? haha) and the sun letting to much heat in. I always leave my in the bedroom open during the day because the sun hits them only in the morning.

Lindsey Conrad - Nabors said...

Yes, I know what you mean with the blinds. That's why I said I will pull them back down at night. I won't have them like this everyday. When I leave to go to work in the morning they will stay down. I will just do this sometimes to open up the room or let more light in. I do not like a lot of light shining in on me in the morning either, ha ha

Lindsey Conrad - Nabors said...

Oh and the rug was originally $60 or something like that maybe a little more) - still not bad at ALL!!! But $25 on sale was even better!!

Heather said...

I love your bedroom makeover!! It looks fabulous and I love the splashed of color! Great job!

Julee said...

This looks great!! Love the changes!

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

I am obsessed with that rug -- fantastic find!!!