Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Tired Tuesday

Today I was SO tired! I'm not sure that I got even a full hour of sleep last night. My allergies flared up so bad yesterday and by the time I got in the bed I was absolutely miserable!! I could not breath AT ALL and my nose what like a water hose that had been turned on high - grose I know - but it was running so bad at first I thought my nose was bleeding. I have been taking my Mom's Singulair to see if that would help me for over a month now. I took one yesterday around 2pm because I could tell that my allergies were about to flare up - but it did not help at all. I think I just have severe allergies. I hate it so bad because when it does flare up it makes me feel SO bad that I can't do anything. I think I had taken so much stuff last night just to try to get some relief and be a little better by morning so I could go to work - that it kept me from sleeping good. I felt bad for Mike because I don't think he slept good either. I was sniffing, sneezing, blowing my nose, all night long . . .I told him I was going to go lay on the couch to keep from disturbing his sleep, but he didn't want me to - he said I was fine and wanted me to stay. (sweet!) So . . . I did not feel too good this morning at all. I wanted to call in sick to work today, but I don't have a job where I can just "call in." I was opening the store and so I would've had to call someone to go in for me, and sometimes that is too hard, especially when you know that the person you would have to call would be so annoyed and not sympathetic to you at all . . . so I just toughed it out and went on to work. I stayed till 4:30 and then came home and layed down.  I did make an appointment today with a ENT - so I will be going their Thursday. I am praying that I will get something to give me some relief and keep this from flaring up. It really keeps me from doing things that I want to do and going places I want to go. So hopefully the Dr. will be able to give me something to help me feel normal again. I can't remember the last time I was able to take a deep breath with out being stuffy. So I hope I can very soon.

On a good note . . . . Mike and I were both off yesterday so I got the waffle iron out for breakfast - or I should say lunch because we really slept in yesterday(and it felt so good too.) I made "Caribbean" Waffles, like the Caribbean pancakes we had at the Pancake Pantry a few weeks ago in Nashville. They were really good! The coconut, banana and walnuts made them so yummy - oh and of course the syrup - can't forget that!! So that was quite yummy and filled me up all day. Then for dinner I made fajitas and rice. Mike ate the steak with tortillas and I made myself one of the yummiest Fajita salads ever! I had thrown together some corn and a can of Rotel for a side veggie and then put it on my salad. I also put a little of the yellow rice, jalapenos, steak and then light ranch dressing. I wanted to put cheese on it, cheese would have made it even better, but I've been trying to cut out some cheese just to make it less fattening. So just with all of that, it was SOOOO good!!! I could eat it everyday!  So tasty and filling. So I need to do that again very soon! Maybe next time I'll do fajita chicken or shrimp! Mmm mmm good!

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Ashley said...

Bless ur heart I know those allergies can stink!!! Waffles... YUMMO! you are SUCH a good cook!!!!