Tuesday, July 14, 2009

God Bless the Keirsey Family & their sweet Angel Avery

One last thing . . . . A blog I follow is called Keeping up with the Keirsey's. They had a sweet little baby girl in May who has been on life support and struggling to stay on this earth. Her little body has endured many surgeries and procedures to try to make her better. Her parents have been so strong and had so much faith that God was going to pull their sweet little girl through this nightmare. I noticed today that there was a post made by a friend of theirs on their blog and it said that The Keirsey's had to decided to take Avery off of life support and not let her suffer any longer. My heart just sank when I read this. Go read the blog - it is so sad, but also such a ministry as to how the family has had faith and trusted the Lord through their horrific journey. My best friend just had a little girl 2 months ago and her name is Avery as well. I think how lucky and what a miracle it is to have a healthy child and am so thankful that my best friends baby is healthy! At the end of the day, there is nothing more important than that. My heart goes out to the Keirsey family! I can not even begin to imagine how broken their hearts are . . . . it makes me cry just thinking about it!  All is in God's plan - even though many times we do not understand how or why. The good thing here is that this precious little girl is not suffering any longer, that God has just added another sweet Angel in his kingdom, and that this family has been and will continue to be an inspiration and ministry to others.

I am praying for this family and I ask that anyone who reads this will do the same! G'nite . . . . 

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Ashley said...

That made me cry!! How sad! God has a plan!!