Sunday, July 12, 2009

Last week in Lubbock

So since I am behind on posting a few things, I have some pics of last weekend in Lubbock, TX. My Mom and I flew out last Thursday to go spend the 4th of July weekend with my Dad at his place (or I guess I should say, my parents place - although my Mom has not officially moved there yet.) We got in Thurs. night and we were so excited to see my Dad!! It had been over a month - too long for us. Mom and I had 2 flights & an hour in between in Houston. On the first flight we had some wine, then in Houston went to a Chili's in the airport and had 2 cold brews (ha ha) then on our last flight had another glass of wine. We were enjoying ourselves! LOL! I don't know what my deal was but I have gotten to where I do not like to fly too much and I discovered that in order for me to keep from freaking out and feeling really nervous - sista has to have a few drinks to relax - so. . . . . that's what I did, and Mom joined in too! 

So the trip was good. It was my first time going to Lubbock. My Mom and brother had already been there, so I was eager to see the town that my parents would be calling home. My Dad is in a nice 3 bedroom apartment with a great balcony, which we sat out on almost every night. They will be there till they find a house. The weather was perfect! It was hot, but not the Memphis, humid, sticky, miserable hot that I am used to.  One night we went to a wine tasting and Art show at this cool winery and I really enjoyed that! We went to some great restaurants and a few local bars which during the school year are full of students from Texas Tech. It was a nice trip and we were sad to go. My Dad always gets choked up when someone leaves or when he comes home and has to leave - he did a little this time too. =( But I think he is coming home this next weekend, so I am looking forward to that. 

McPherson Cellars Winery

         The patio at the winery
Fabulous restraunt Cafe J's
My Dad bought me this fun ring with Carnelian stones
Good view of fireworks from my parents balcony
A professor at Texas Tech built this house years ago. Locals did not like it at all since it is so modern. It definitely stands out - and I'm sure the view is amazing from the inside
Last day in Lubbock . . .  layed out for a bit before the flight home

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