Friday, July 17, 2009

Thursday Night at TJ Maxx!!

Tonight when I got off work I ran into TJ Maxx. I was really going to look for any good finds in their houseware section - but as usual, when you are looking for something, you don't find it. So I didn't see anything exciting. I was in the mood to buy something (as always, ha) so since I didn't find anything for the house I looked around at the clothes. I found an adorable yellow and black plaid halter! I love it and they also had it in b&w and blue and white . . . . it was ONLY $12.99 so for that price I think I will have to go get another one because it is so cute and even cuter on. I also looked at the men's things and found Mike a really cool T-shirt with crosses on it, kinda like something you would find in the buckle or in a store that sells designer jeans for men . . . you know the type. Then I found a polo Affliction shirt by Extreme Couture - Mikes LOVES this brand! Usually these shirts start around $60 and go up to over $100 and I found one for $16.99!!! I couldn't believe it!! So of course I had to get that too! I knew Mike would just love it . . .and he does!! So I was really happy about that! And then while I waited the long line (I always pick the line where someone has an issue and needs a price check or something, ugghhh . . .) I looked through some books they had by the register. I found one about JFK and Jackie Kennedy. I have always loved the Kennedy's and looking at pictures of Jacki-O and her iconic style! The book was only $7.99 so I had to get that too! So - although I did not leave with anything for the house, I still felt like I left with some good items and deals. I love that kind of shopping!  Sometimes you do have to kind of dig at stores like that, and I know some people hate doing that - but I don't really mind! I think it's fun. It's kind of like a game to see what hidden treasure you can find. I always seem to find great things at TJ's and Marshalls!  

So I think I am wearing my new top to work tomorrow. May dress it up with skinny jeans or black pants - I'll have to see what my mood is in the morning. 

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Ashley said...

WAY TO GO CUTIE! The top is a borrow for sure when I see you. You are such a GOOD shopper!