Thursday, July 16, 2009

Ooh La La . . .Bathroom Lighting

I have been contemplating getting some kind of pendant light or small chandelier to go in our bathroom. We have several lights but there is one in particular that I always look at that is kind of in the middle of where the sinks and tub is and I always look at it and think that a pendant light or chandelier of some kind would look just so good. We have double doors that open up to our bathroom which I can see when I'm laying in the bed. I am always laying in bed thinking how pretty it would look to see a pretty light in the bathroom. I'm not sure what kind I want exactly . . . .  can't decide if I want something a little contemporary or do a chandelier look. If I go the chandelier route, I don't want it to be too fancy. I've come across a few pics of lights and some bathrooms that have different lighting that I dig. I kind of know the look I want, and I guess I will know it when I see it. I like unique lighting too - so I guess I need to keep my eye open for that.  If anyone has done this in their own bathroom and has any tips for me, I would appreciate it. Opinions are welcome too!  Ta Ta 

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Ashley said...

You are so funky! I love your rocking style! Hot girl!! Your taste is AMAZING!!!!!