Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Show 'n Tell Tuesday: Save the Date Magnet

Remember when you were a kid and you had "Show 'n Tell Day" . . . . well I always loved show and tell. So I thought I would bring it back!

Today for Show 'n Tell I am showing our "Save the Date Magnet" we had done for our wedding.



I knew when we got engaged that I wanted to do a "Save the Date" magnet. I had seen a few of my friends do this and I just thought that it was the cutest thing. I liked the magnet idea rather then just a card that someone would throw away or get lost in a pile of mail. With a magnet, people can put it on their fridge and not forget your special day and then always have a little keep sake and remember the special couple! I had looked at several on-line, and while they were all cute, some of them looked pretty cheap. When we had gone to our photographer to order some of our engagement pics, I noticed that she had done magnets as someones Christmas card. It was so cute and classy and so I asked her if she would do a "Save the Date" magnet using some of our engagement pics? She loved the idea. She took a few weeks to work on it and when she sent me the proof I was SO happy with it!! I had chosen about 8 of our favorite engagement photos for her to work with and choose from. I also told her I wanted all of the pics to be black and white. As I have mentioned before I LOVE black and white photos, and since we had a B&W themed wedding, I wanted to stick with the B&W photos!

I love our magnet and that it reflected us, our wedding and our style!


Ashley said...

I still have this magnet and it's my favorite thing! I love your creativity! You should start a Show and Tell thing each week! I would follow for sure!!!!

the davidsons said...

I love these! Very cute!

Magatha-May said...

Oh my god I love it! What a great idea and the photos are gorgeous.

Thanks so much for following my blog.