Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Making a Wish List is oh so fun!

I think that I have a never ending wish list! Don't get me wrong - it's not that I am not content with what I have, but there are always things that I want. I know it is bad to be this way, but hey, I'm a girl, girls are always going to have a "wish list" right? Whether it's clothes, jewelry, handbags, furniture, accessories for the house, I ALWAYS have something on my wish list.

A few things on my list now include:

1. Large Swirly Initial Pendant by  Jennifer Zeuner. I first saw Lauren Conrad wearing this and I loved it. I can't decide if I would want it in silver or gold. Price ranges from around $250 in silver and over $800 in 14k gold.

I also like the Fresh water pearl "Love" bracelets by Jennifer Zeuner. 

2. A new coffee table for our living/sitting room. I think I want a glass one to soften the space and I think I want round, but there are some square ones I like too.

3. A fan to go on our patio along with an extended cover . . . .thought we might do the cover this summer, but hasn't happened yet. Oh well, there's always next summer.

4.  Jessica Simpson "Parigi" Pumps. I wanted these last fall, but snoozed on them. I think I need to get them soon. They are fabulous year around but I think I would really love them for fall!

5.  CANDLES CANDLES CANDLES. I LOVE candles!! I burn them every single night. A life long supply sure would be nice!!

6. Pottery Barn rug for our den. I think in yellow . . . .

7. More pieces to my beautiful, classic, Ralph Lauren Hewitt Platinum China. I wish you could see the detail around each piece and the hammered texture. I LOVE my china! It's simple, elegant and something I can always use for any occasion! I need to get more pieces!!

8.  Diamond Bangles. Who does not like bangles and who does not like diamonds??? 

The last few things I am going to make for my Hubby's wish list. I know some things he would love to have. It makes me happy to see him get things that he wants too, so I can't just make it all about me all of the time . . . .ha ha

1.  More Cologne. He LOVES cologne and has over 10 bottles, way more then me!! One of his fav's is Issey Miyake.

2.  A Comfy Man Chair. He is always looking at giant bean bags when we go to Pier 1, and then when we go look at furniture he's always looking at a swivel chair. I know he would like both to relax in and to play his XBox or Wii. I told him when we get our game room finished he can have the swivel chair. In the mean time, may have to get him a bean bag one day. At least I can hide that in the closet when we have company, ha ha.

3. Mike wants a BIG dog. He has one that has stayed at his parents house, but I know he would love to have another. Maybe one day - but I just can't handle a dog that slobbers - like some of the dogs he would like to have, yuck! But  . . . .they sure are cute!!

I know one kind he loves is an English Bulldog . .. I like them best as puppies!

Those are just a few of the many things I have on my Wish List. I'm sure I will think of more very soon! But as I said before I am content with what I have and the things I wish for the most, are not material things that can be purchased. They are things that have been fulfilled by having an amazing husband, amazing family, and a loving God who is always watching over me! At the end of the day, a girl can't wish for any more than that!


the davidsons said...

I love this list! And I've noticed that necklace LC wears too! And I love that pearl bracelet! Very cute!
You have to tell me where you found the glass coffee tables! I love them!

Annie said...

aw, all puppies are cute! ;)
i also love the smell of issey miyake!

Ashley said...

Love the necklace and the bangles.. my BFF has some STYLE!! Love you!!!

LC said...

we have an english bulldog and they are the best! you will never regret getting one. they are sooo loveable:)