Thursday, July 23, 2009

Strawberry Shortcake and Southern Belles

Today I was off work (Thursday that is - I am posting so late it may show that it is technically Friday now.) I slept in since it was my day off and really felt like I could have stayed in bed all day. It was so quiet and I loved it! I have always been a late sleeper. I got some good rest though. I have been so tired all week . . . .must still be from our extremely late night Sunday night. Anyway, I lounged around a while, picked up a little then got to thinking about dinner. I really did not want to have to make a grocery run, so I was looking to see what all we had and tried to think of something I could make. I decided on a Tuna and Rice dish. I had to saute some onions and make a sauce with some milk, cheese, Parmesan, and various spices such as Cayenne pepper, parsley, paprika and then I threw in a little garlic because it always makes things taste good.  It baked beautifully and so I decided to turn the oven on warm and leave it in there till we were ready to eat. About 5 minuets later I noticed something seemed funny . . .and I opened the oven and it looked like my dish was burning. I had turned on BROIL instead of WARM. UGHHHHH! I was so mad at myself. It wasn't ruined, but I was just annoyed that I did that because I felt like it made it not look as good (I like for my dishes to look pretty, ha ha). But it was fine. It made the top kind of crispy, which was good! I added  more cheese to one half for Mike and I ate the other side with less. We had salad with it and then for dessert I had made some strawberry shortcake. I did some Bisquick drop biscuits and add 3 tablespoons of sugar to the mix to make them sweet. I served it with strawberry's that had been sprinkled with a little sugar and then some cool whip.  I had fat free cool whip in the fridge, so that's what I had used. Normally I would get regular, but I thought that fat free tasted just fine - Mike did too. Mike loved the dessert. He had 2! ha ha! I think he was really hungry. I cut a biscuit in half when I ate mine. I of course wanted a whole one, but I was trying to be good.  

After cleaning up the kitchen again for about the second or 3rd time today . . . .I got ready for the Season Finale of Southern Belles Louisville. I have really enjoyed that show and I was excited to watch the finale. It was good!! I felt so sorry for Sha at the end when she said Jeff, her fiance had cheated on her AND that her Mother had died. SOO sad!! One of those tragedies alone would be heartbreaking, but both - I can't even begin to imagine!!! And to make matters even worse, her stupid, jerk fiance went to the girls house he was cheating with the night she buried her Mom and had her funeral. What an insensitive JERK!!!!! I can't no believe anyone would be so heartless to do that?!?! But some people are!  On a happier note, one thing I noticed in the finale was Hadley and the cool headband she was wearing across her forehead. By the way, she is SO freakin GORGEOUS!!! And she is so nice too. Just a nice, sweet, genuine girl! She could wear a potato sack and still look drop dead gorgeous! Not fair!! LOL! Anyway, back to the head band thing - I love that look and have been noticing it allot. Quite a few girls here have been wearing it like that too. I may have to try it - but I'm sure I would look like a retard if I did. I think it looks best when your hair is down and straight - and mine is still growing out right now. 

Tonight was a good night. I guess I am looking forward to the weekend, although I have to work all weekend - so it's  kinda hard for it to feel like a weekend when I am working, but oh well. At least I have a job, right?!?! Time to hit the sack, this Southern Belle needs her beauty rest (and a lot of it too . . ha ha.) Sweet Dreams!

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Annie said...

i love that head band look! i want to give it a try as well!!
all the food looks delish :) num!