Thursday, June 4, 2009

Tick Tock, Tick Tock

Today is going to be a long day . . . . I am working from 9:30a.m. till 8 o'clock tonight - ughh! Actually, it's not that bad I guess. It's a rainy day and I have my laptop here and can look at blogs and all of that fun stuff to help pass the time. Actually, I have things I need to be doing, yes, that's right, actual work! I already did some things I needed to do today. Had to price some of our displays and I did that, and then we got 3 boxes of inventory in today which I need to count and enter in our system - but blogging is much more fun! So hopefully my day will pass quickly between doing some work and blogging! Let's hope so anyway!

Some good news: Our bed is in!!! YAY! I think we might get it today!!! I am SO excited!! It has motivated me to get our bedroom clean and picked up, but I will admit, I still have more picking up to do, so I will need to do that when I get home, If I'm not too tired.  Mike is off work today, and I wish I could tell him to pick some things up for me . . .it's not that he wouldn't do it, but to me it's just more trouble having to tell him where all of my things go (clothes, jewelry, shoes, ect.) so I would just rather do it myself. ha ha! 

But this is what our new bed looks like! There was another one that I had liked a little better, but there was about $400 difference and the price of this one was really good . . . . so we went with it. I hope once it's in our bedroom I don't start thinking I should have gone with the other one . . . . but I think this will be good! Bought some new sheets, but yet to find a bedspread . . . . so I am still keeping my eye open for one I want. 

Better go get some work done now. I may be back on later to kill some time . . . . 6 more hours to go then I can go home! Better make some coffee!!

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