Sunday, June 7, 2009

Drops of Jupiter

Friday night when I got off work, Mike took me to do one of my most favorite things . . . . he took me to LIVE at the Botanical Gardens to see Sister Hazel & Train!! We took our chairs, a cooler, and some food and sat under the stars while enjoying good music, good food and good company: each other. It was a PERFECT night for it too, it was not hot at all. Actually, later in the evening I got a little chilly. The night before I made some buffalo chicken wraps, put some veggies and dip together, then made some chocolate mousse. I made mini ones so it would be easy to take and also better for us. It was SO good, and just right. It really hit the spot. Mike picked up some sausage and cheese as well as some fruit before we went, so we had that to munch on too. I carried our cute little picnic basket that we've had since our wedding. The night of our wedding this basket was in our suite full of food and wine from our reception. I love putting a bottle of wine it and going on a picnic for 2!  I got a Riesling called Polka Dot - it was quite tasty. A little sweet, but not too sweet.  The Riesling went great with our food and was a nice, refreshing wine to have since we were outdoors.

The concert was awesome. We sat on the lawn and could see the stage, but there was also a huge screen which helped us get a better view. Sister Hazel came out first. They sing one of my favorite songs, Champagne High - so I really enjoyed that.  After their set, the lead singer, Ken Block came by a tent that was near where we were sitting, He was signing autographs and taking pictures. Mike and I went over there since we were so close and were going to get our picture with him.  After a while we decided not to worry about it. We did get pretty close to him and Mike got a pic of him right in front of us, so that was still cool. I really wanted to get one of Mike with him since they both have shaved heads. Thought that would have made a cute pic.  Train came out next and they were awesome too!! I had forgotten just how many great songs they have: Calling on Angels, Meet Virginia and of course probably their most well known song, Drops of Jupiter (just to name a few.)  All of their songs were great and it was a fantastic performance!

 There are several other artists coming this summer to the Gardens but this was the main one I wanted to see. We had a great time!!! Cant wait to do it again!

Me with my little basket

A few of our goodies I put together

Loved our mini chocolate mousse deserts! I didn't know how to wrap them up without them getting messed up, so I had an idea . . . I took cupcake paper and put it on top and then secured it with some raffia. I thought this turned out SO cute and I am going to do it again. this would be great to have for a party with individual desserts and have them wrapped like this. If you had a party with a them or certain colors, you could get different colors of cupcake paper, as well as ribbon!! I'm wanting to throw a party just so I can make more of these!!! LOOOVE it!
Sister Hazel

   Caught Mike walking back from the oh so luxurious port-a-potty, ha ha

Ken Block, lead singer of Sister Hazel. Up close and Personal! 



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