Monday, June 1, 2009

Guest Room Goodies Galore

I finally found some linens for my guest room and then just decided on my accent color for my sheets:turquoise! It is looking quite nice with the bedspread and shams I got which are brown and white. Our guest room has our sleigh bed in it, which was what we had been using till we moved. I'm hoping our new bed will be delivered to us this week!! We have our king mattress in the floor and although it is comfy, I am so ready to have an actual bed again and start working on getting our bedroom decorated.

           Guest Room
                 A couple little accessories in the room

Now that I have my linens I need to look for a lamp and some art or something to go over the bed. I was thinking of 2 art pieces of some sort, or 2 photos.  I even thought about a round mirror to go over the bed . . . .I thought that might look good since the design of the bed spread has circles on it. So I will have to keep my eye open for something that will look good over the bed. I need to look for some more accessories as well. I want to keep it a stylish, inviting room, while also keeping it simple. I think the bedding is a bit bold, so I don't want the room to get too busy by adding too many accents. I think these colors will really be nice once I am finished. I do love the turquoise sheets, but what I also love is that throughout seasons, I can change the sheets to any other solid color and it will look nice with the brown and white bedspread. I can do orange in the fall, red around the holidays, baby blue, green or even a crisp white. I love the versatility this will have in the future!

In the meantime, I love looking at photos of other rooms that have turquoise accents!! It's a great color for any space!

   Beautiful Bedroom with turquoise accents

            Love the lamps here!
I love everything in this space - and the 3
    photos on the wall are cool too!
Cute desk/working area
 Like the round mirror over the bed idea more and more!

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