Monday, June 8, 2009

Hooray for Handy Hubby!

Our bed is up and we slept in it for the first time last night!! When we purchased it, I wasn't thinking about other fee's like delivery, warranty and anything else they try to get you with. I know from past experience that over time, furniture (especially wood) can get nicks and scratches and it drives me up a wall. When we purchased our bed we were offered a 5 year warranty for $99 - and they would come out and fix any type of scratch or anything at all, anytime, as many times needed. Now don't get me wrong -  I don't plan on beating my furniture up, but I thought this was a good deal. Especially for when we have kids possibly in the next year or 2. So I told them to throw the warranty in. Delivery was also $100 - and I thought that we could go pick it up ourselves and then have Mike and his Dad or my Dad put it together. Mike was cool with that at the time, but last night he admitted that he thought that I should have done the delivery, instead of the warranty. He said this out of frustration as he was putting the first couple pieces together. I was beginning to think he was right! We thought we were going to have to call it a night and let his Dad come over today to help him because it was too hard for just 2 people. The pieces were really heavy and you really almost need 2 people to hold the pieces as you screw the bolts in.  I was doing everything he told me and holding pieces as well as I could, but it was not easy. After the first few pieces, the process got easier. In the end, it only took him only about 2 hours to do! So he did awesome and our bed was complete! I was proud of him - since he did 95% of the work. I was just his assistant! I may have to do a little re-arranging with the bed and move it to another wall because it comes out slightly over the windows and I do not like how that looks. But other then that, I LOVE our bed!! And I'm glad we saved $100 by not having it delivered! (Sorry Mike! ha ha)

Our bedroom is the only room in the house that I have not done anything to decorating wise. I have been waiting till we got our bed. So it looks blah and totally plain, and it's not made up all pretty yet with linens and pillows, but it will not stay that way for long! I have so many ideas for this room!!! 

(Excuse the trash from putting it all together that you can see under the bed, I was not finished cleaning up our mess . . . . )

One last thing - I made these little pies tonight for dessert - SO easy!! You don't bake the crust, so you can just add whatever you want for the filling. I did a chocolate pudding with cocoa. They were yummy!

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