Saturday, May 2, 2009

Berry Important

I am SO behind on posting!!! I have had a lot going on the last couple weeks, one being my best friend Ashley's baby shower in Arkansas. It was awesome and turned out SO cute! I will get back on later and post more about that, as well as some photos.  

I just read an article about berries and other fruits and vegetables and how you should wash them before eating. I have always been a bit particular when it comes to this subject - maybe a little too obsessive. But I cannot stand the thought of eating bacteria. GROSE!  I know some people don't give this much thought and just give their fruits and veggies a quick rinse before they eat them, but if only you knew what pesticides and bacteria is lingering on your food - you would be shocked.  You are not supposed to wash fruit or veggies with any kind of soap or cleaner b/c those types of things are not meant for people to consume. If I am going to eat some fruit, lets say strawberry's (which it, along with other berries are the worst when it comes to holding bacteria and pesticides b/c of the pores on them) I put them in a bowl and let them soak in some water for about 2 minuets. A minuet is about all that is needed, but b/c I am obsessive when it comes to this, I do it a little longer. When you take the berries out of the bowl, you will see that the water is quite dirty . . . and a quick rinse under the faucet would not have done the job and you would have eaten that. ewwww yuk!!! I have purchased organic berries, but if I don't then I do wash them thoroughly before eating. The same is true with any fruits or veggies with any kind of pealing: apples, cucumbers, tomatoes ect. Pesticides are all on these fruits. If you really want to avoid eating of that yucky stuff, then the best thing to do is peel it. But sometimes I like the peeling, so I just make sure to wash it good before I eat it.  

This is something I never really thought about a whole lot up until a few years ago - now I am so particular about it!!   Fruit and veggies are so good for us and we should eat a lot of them, but it defeats the purpose when you don't clean them well. You are not doing yourself good when you eat things that contain substances that can cause cancer, affect the nervous system, and many other things we don't even know. I know that this day in age we cannot avoid consuming some things that may not be good for us, especially when eating out and all, but it's not hard to for us to do it for ourselves and our families! Okay, I'm off my soap box now, ha ha! But I would suggest Googling this topic - it is very interesting and I bet you will think twice the next time you buy fresh fruit and veggies and go to wash them! 

Got to get some studying done for my finals next week and then may make a trip to Pier 1 . . . . I can really get myself in trouble in that store! 

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