Saturday, April 18, 2009

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Okay, it is SO passed my bed time!! But I wanted get on here real quick. This afternoon at work was SO busy! We are having a sale this weekend and got swamped with customers between 5 to 7:30. Luckily I wasn't alone, a lady that works with me named Kim was there. I always enjoy talking to her because I feel like we have a similar background as to how we believe and our personalities. During a quiet moment we decided to order Chili's take out.  It had gotten quiet for a bit and we were hungry, so I called it in and then . . . . it never fails . . . . we got swamped again!! About an hour and half later, Chili's actually called us to see if we had forgotten about our order, I told them no we had not and since it had slowed down again, I went to get it. I brought it back and Kim and I sat down together and ate. We were chattin it up as we usually do and then we got on a subject that lead to her telling me a brief story about when her and her husband were younger, newly married, and without kids. They had been saving up money so that her husband could go to Graduate school. They decided to pick up and move to the North Carolina so he could go to school there. Deep down they were both worried. Worried about this leap of faith they were taking, worried about money, worried because they were moving all alone and did not know a soul in North Carolina. Kim was telling me that she ended up getting a job to support them while he went to school. Once they moved,they ended up making friends, friends that they are very close to till this day, 20 years later. 

The best part of the story was the part she told me about when they actually moved. Her husband rented a U-haul and she followed him in their car that was packed from top to bottom. They left out early on morning, around 6 a.m. for their long drive ahead. As they made there way over a bridge she noticed something . . . . a rainbow. It caught her by surprise to see this and it was so beautiful, she was in aw.  A few hours later they stopped to get some breakfast, and she asked her husband if he saw the rainbow? He said no. She then realized that the rainbow was meant for her. It was a sign from God! He was assuring her that what they were doing was right and in His plan and that they would be okay. She had been so worried up until then, and seeing the rainbow as they left their home and familiar place to go seek a new, unfamiliar home, was now something she was not worried about, but at peace with. She knew that their leap of faith was in God's plan and that they had made the right decision to do this. Till this day she knows that was God's way of calming her and tell her this was right.

I just loved that story and find it so true myself. Often times we have to make a decision and we wonder and fret over whether or not it is the right decision. Many of these decisions we must make (much like Kim & her husband deciding to move and put him through school) are often life changing decisions, which is what I think terrifies us. But if we open our eyes and ears, God will give us a sign. It may not come when we want it to, or how we want it to, but it will come. We just must be willing to see it!


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Ashley said...

What an awesome post Linz!!! You are right... God is good and will give us signs, we just have to look for them and listen for them. I love you BFF, you are one of a kind!
PS- Chillis, our FAVO!!!