Sunday, May 3, 2009

Memphis in May? hmmm . . . Shopping? okay!!!

Okay so this weekend was Memphis in May (A.K.A "Music Fest.")  Mike and I had tickets for tonight that someone had given us and we had planned all week on going tonight, but since it has rained ALL weekend  and after both of us working today, we decided not to go. I used to go every year, rain or shine. My best friend Ashley and I would still try to dress cute, even if it was under a poncho, ha ha. I think back on that and wonder why I even tried when we were just going to be going out in the messy, rainy, mud mayhem. It was fun at the time, but I guess I realize that I am getting old when rain, mud, drunk idiots and the smell of pot everywhere does not sound appealing at all. Not to mention tonight was the night that Snoop and Three Six Mafia were playing there too (we were not going to see them though . . .) At one time I would have been totally up for it, but since I do live in one of the most dangerous cities in America plus the fact that those groups were playing tonight, made me think it may not be so safe to get out into all of that. Don't get me wrong, I love me some Snoop and Three Six, just not in person in a city where people get shot everyday.  So we did not get out in that tonight. My allergies have also flared up like crazy, so even if it had been nice, I would not have been able to enjoy it since I cannot breath. 

The weekend was pretty good though. I worked Friday night then met Mike at Target when I got off and we did a little shopping. When we came out I was asking him where his truck was and he said he parked somewhere else. As we walked to my car I noticed something and then a light bulb went off - Mike got a new car!! We had been talking about it and we were pretty sure he was getting it this weekend, but he surprised me and got it Friday. I told him the other day that no one can ever surprise me (which is pretty much true - I always figure stuff out . . ) but he got me. Next to my car was a shiny, new 2009 Black Dodge Charger! HOT!! I love it! I don't see my hubby as a "car" kind of guy, but this was the only car we had talked about him getting and the only kind I could see him in. It's pretty cool and I just love the new car smell. Plus he gets free satellite radio for a year, so that is nice too. It will look even better when he gets the windows tinted, and then he wants to get different wheels or something . . . it's a guy thing. So we enjoyed going for a drive over the weekend! We went to a few stores where I found a few things for the casa. I bought 2 new art pieces for our den, they are a washed yellow. I got 2 thinking I will hang one over the other or side by side, depending on where I place them. I also bought an orange hand painted piece to add a little color to our dining room. Kind of thought I would do a few orange accents in there. And then at TJ Max I found this adorable flower pot for only $10!!! It is green with green, brown and orange flowers on it. For ten bucks I could not pass it up.  

Since we stayed in tonight I decided to make one of my favorite summer Italian dishes: Beef Carpaccio! yummm! It was so good. I took a pic of it, but forgot to add the tomato garnish on top before I did. We had that and a little angel hair pasta with veggies and marinara  - oh and don't forget the red wine. It was good! 

This week is going to be VERY  busy. I have so much to do and not enough time to do it. I have finals this week, 2 Monday, 1 Tuesday, have to turn something in Wed. and then a big case study due Thurs.  ugghhhh . . . not to mention graduation on Sat!!! YAY!! Then we will end the hectic week with a party at my favorite restaurant in Memphis: Elfo's!! My parents booked their private room and so we are going to be ready to kick up our heels by the time Saturday night rolls around ! Now along with everything else I have to do this week, I also need to find something to wear!  And just when I thought that was it, wait . . . Mother's Day is Sunday too!! But that will be nice and low key day, just as my Mom wants it. 

So wish me luck on my tests,(and keeping my sanity) and I should be back by the end of the week with some fun updates and pictures of all the festivities.

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Ashley said...

WOW I have so much to say! First, I love all of the decor. Leave it to you to know exactly how to design a beautiful home! You are soooo good at that, and parties. Your cooking is delish too! I love how you always make quish, you are soo good girl! And the car- SO COOL!!!!!! I love it!!!!! I can't wait to come see you, wish I could be there for graduation!!!! ;(