Sunday, December 4, 2011

Music & Martinis {A night for Mom}

Over Thanksgiving weekend, My Dad and I threw a small surprise get together for my Mom and had our family friend and pianist, Mr. Leonard come play at my house.

My dad recently bought a baby grand piano for my Mom. A very close friend of mine was selling it here in Memphis and it worked out perfectly that my parents got it because one day it will be mine and it's special knowing where it came from. Since they have just moved - the piano is living at my house for a bit so, my Dad and I thought it would be nice to do something for my Mom and let her enjoy her piano over the holiday.

So it was a night of Music & Martinis for our family and a few friends.

My Mom and a couple friends gathered in my living room listening to the beautiful music

Me and my hubby

A few things I had to snack on

Me and my little brother

The Prayer is a very very special song my family loves and was played at my wedding! Never get tired of hearing it!!

My parents enjoying a touching song!

Mike and Case
Me and my family with our pianist friend, Mr. Leonard - who played during my rehearsal dinner at The Orpheum 4 years ago here in Memphis! It was special to see him again and enjoy his music!

Mom and Mr. Leonard! He is 74 years old and the sweetest, talented man!! It was such an honor to have him come play for us!

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Jenny Lee said...

Sounds like a beautiful evening!