Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Give Thanks

Thankful today for my home! A home is one of the most treasured things! It's where you live, it's where you create memories, it's where you build a life!

I am also thankful today because we are getting 2 new pieces of furniture, a sofa and a coffee table for our living room. Since we are getting a new sofa in that room, we have moved our other one in our den area, which has allowed me to do some rearranging and change the room into the black and white space I've always wanted.

Still tweaking here and there, but think it's coming together nicely so far . . .

Last night I stayed up (way too late) and worked on a project and made my own "Give Thanks" sign to go over my mantel! Think it turned out pretty cute! Will have to take more photos later.

I'm also very excited because my family is coming tomorrow and I can't wait! It's been a while since I have seen them. But the good news is, my parents are moving to Dallas - which means they will be much closer and I will be able to go visit more. (Before they were 13+ hours away.)

If I'm not back on before Thursday, I wish all of you a wonderful Thanksgiving and hope you all enjoy time with your family!


Dee Stephens said...

Have a great holiday! Your home looks great!

Sobrina Tung said...

cute! you do have a beautiful home :)