Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I'm Baaaack . . . Finally!

I have had some technical difficulties the past few days with our Internet connection at home, so I have been m.i.a! But I'm back now and hoping the problem is fixed!! I hate it when stuff like that happens, it's SO frustrating and even more frustrating when you call to speak with someone and you can hardly understand them and really get now where.

It was Comcast (who I HATE!!) and now that everything is back up and working, I can't say thank you to them I must give thanks to my hubby because somehow tonight he got it back up and running!

We keep contemplating switching our cable & Internet to another service, but just haven't done it. Who all do you use and like? I want a service that is reliable, doesn't go out or give me problems and is a great price too!! I'd love to hear who you all use!!

I'll be back tomorrow with a more exciting post, promise!

Night all!


Sarah said...

We switched to ATT Uverse and LOVE it! Haven't had ANY real issues like we seemingly always had w/Comcast. Their customer service people are SO NICE & we ended up saving quite a bit with the switch! (We have our landline, cell, cable, & internet all through ATT, so it was a package deal)

Jessica said...

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