Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Totally Unnerved!

These past few days have been SO very unnerving with all of this horrible weather we have had! I took these 2 photos last night form our patio. This wasn't even the worst!

I have not slept good these past few nights because the sounds of rain, thunder and strong winds outside my bedroom window has been furoscious, not to mention the tornado sirens going on and off. Schools are closed around here, as well as roads due to flooding. And even some of the casinos will be temporarily closing!

Right now I am watching coverage of a road in county close by and a road completly split due to the flooding!! It's unbeleivealbe!! A man died due to this and road splitting. He was on his way to work early this morning. So incredibly sad! I'm praying for his family!! Many families are having to evacuate their homes due to the flooding.

There is a lot of damage and devastation around Memphis and the MidSouth. I pray for all of those who have been affected!! I think tomorrow the weather should be back to normal, and the sun out and shining!! I will be so thankful to see Mr. Sunshine!!


Amanda M. said...

SUCH.CRAZY.WEATHER. Praying for all those affected by all that bad weather! :( I wish it would just stop already!

Kellie Collis said...

I've been seeing it on the news and it's really terrible. Keep safe and dry, Kellie xx

Scientific Housewife said...

I can't believe the weather was so bad! Glad to hear your are okay.