Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Bento Box

Back in February I stayed at a Ritz Carlton in Georgia (it was actually the one that Carrie Underwood got married) and while I was there I first discovered the Bento Box. Have you seen it? It was one day before a spa treatment and me and my friends/coworkers had a fabulous, refreshing, healthy lunch which was served in a Bento Box. I loved it!

Not only for presentation, but the portions that it holds is perfect and it keeps everything separated. Sometimes it can get annoying when things get mixed together on your plate, and this is a great solution for that.

This is a picture of our Bento Box lunch at the spa in the Ritz! It was PERFECT!! I could eat this meal everyday for lunch!

I really want to get a couple for myself! I think they would be great to have! Sometimes when we have a regular size plate, we feel the need to fill it up. I think with the Bento Box, each compartment holds just the right amount of food, which is great for not over eating!

Now if you Google Bento Box, you will see a lot of different things come up. The kind I like the best is the Japanese style box, like this: (which is like what we ate out of)

I like these because it is actually a wooden box and the inside is a red lacquered plastic tray, which can be removed for cleaning. It's functional and also a great way to present a meal in style! I found this one on (a cool site) but I'm sure there are others out there! I can't wait to get a couple for myself!!


The Southern Lady said...

Good evening from Tokyo!

I'm a southern expat living abroad with my family. Bento boxes are used for everything here~obviously ;) They're great for organizing tiny supplies, colors, paperclips, jewelry...

But as for their intended purpose, you're spot on! They really do allow for perfect portion sizes for every meal. Is it any wonder the Japanese are so fit? If you're looking for something authentic, I'd be happy to find something pretty for you!

Just let me know!

My best to you and yours...



Scientific Housewife said...

Those are really cool!

Carol {Everyday Delights} said...

I love the idea of a bento box! I've been wanting to get one!

Cherry Blossoms said...

What a great idea and a yummy looking lunch

Emma said...

yum. i l-o-v-e bento boxes! yours looks so yummy and healthy!