Monday, April 4, 2011


So I have seen a few photos of celebs lately that are making me say Yay & Nay! Let me know if you agree. or if not, tell me what YOU think.

{I love Fergie, but this is a Nay!!}

{Where did Ashlee Simpson go??? Nay all the way!!}

{Yay - love the belted blazer!! Can Cameron ever look bad??}

{Molly Sims gets a Yay for looking cute, but mostly for her adorable pups and Louis V!!}

{Huge Nay for Drew!! But Yay for her furry friend . . . . and I'm not talking about her hair!!}

{Yay for the adorable, sporty Gisele Bundchen! NOTE: I said Sandra Bullock before because I did have a photo of her here originally . . . my bad}

{I'm loving this jacket on Kim . . . Yay!}

{Whitney, what are you thinking?? Nay!!}

{Yay!!! I do wonder how she can wear something so short with that bootay of hers . . }

{Kim Cattrall usually has good taste, but I am just not diggin this dress at all! Looks cheap to me and the left side looks higher than the right on the bust line, unless it's supposed to be that way . . . Nay}

{While the color isn't bad on her, Susan Surandon looks sloppy here to me. The dress doesn't look like it fits very well up top . . . Nay}

{Yay!! Hayden Panettiere looks adorable as she's out and about!!}

{Nay for Lo Bosworth. Not diggin that print}

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Claire Kiefer said...

Love this! Drew's hair is WACK, Kim is stunning, and I'm kinda obsessed with J.Lo. It amazes me how gorgeous she is. Those legs! That hair! And her face is perfect and glowing.

Scientific Housewife said...

Good yays and nays :)

Dee Stephens said...

I love Drew! That doesn't even look like Sandra and has for JLo...yes.. super short. Not sure how she pulls it off either.

Anonymous said...

Just had to comment. This post is so fun and you are right on! :) However, look again at "sandra bullock". I think you'll soon realize it is Gisele Bundchen!! :)

Llama said...

I couldnt agree with you more! How DOES JLo do that?! LOL!

Cherry Blossoms said...

I agree with you 100% and the funniest is the comment about Drew's hair.