Sunday, January 16, 2011

Christmas 2010

I never got around to posting about our Christmas so I thought . . . .better late than never. We had a wonderful Christmas! My parents were here, we enjoyed some wonderful food, were blessed with some amazing gifts and just enjoyed spending time together!!

I'll start with Christmas Eve {I posted more about Christmas Eve and some of our Christmas decorations a few weeks ago, you can view that post here.} We went to church, came home, ate some goodies, then we opened a few gifts. Every Christmas Eve we open gifts with my family and it's ALWAYS new Christmas pj's!!

{Present time!!!}

{My lil bro & I love The Christmas Story and watch it a ton when it comes on for 24hours on Christmas Eve. We've been doing it for years! This year, I found his Christmas pj's and knew they would be perfect, they said "You'll Shoot Your Eye Out Kid . . ."

{Mike laughing . . . . so cute!!}

{Me and one of the 2 pairs of my cute, new pj's!}

{Mom opening her new Ralph Lauren pajamas that Dad got her}

{Look what my Dad got . . . . "You'll Shoot Your Eye Out" boxers, ha ha ha! It was hilarious!!}

{Me & Mr. Big on Christmas morning}

{Our stockings!}

{M loves globes and I gave him a mini globe in his stocking - he was being silly here}

{Dad opening some gifts!]

{My lil bro sportin some of his new clothes as he opened more.}

{M popped up behind me and surprised me with this amazing painting that I had seen a few months before and fell in love with! I was SO excited!!}

{The aftermath}

{M's parents gave us a new TV - SO not expecting it, but such a great surprise!! My dad, M and my bro were putting it up. Look at my dads legs sticking out behind the mantel, ha ha}

{Me & my lil bro enjoyin some champagne before Christmas brunch}

{He was ready to eat!}

{My painting went in our bedroom. Not on the wall yet, but going to be soon! I LOVE it!!}

{Later that night Mom and I were getting ready for Christmas dinner. She baked a red velvet cake and I put together shrimp cocktails for all of us to enjoy before dinner. It's a tradition at our house to have shrimp cocktails on Christmas night}

{I decorated my table with ornaments, bits of garland, my china, and candles}

{One of my clients is a winery called Crown Winery. I took my Mom there before Christmas and we stocked up on wine. We got this one, called Royal Red and saved it to have with our Christmas dinner. I thought the name was fitting for the occasion!}

{Salad with our traditional Christmas dressing, Green Goddess dressing. My Mom started the tradition of having this dressing over 25 years ago. We've had it ever since I can remember. It's basically like Ranch, and sooo good!}

{Dinner Time}

{Mom's famous Beef Wellington, which she has also been making for over 25 years. Love this tradition!! She used to always take the rest of the pastry and use a bell cookie cutter and put bells on top I LOVED getting a bell off of the Wellington when I was a little girl!! This year, we found a star cookie cutter and since my parents live in Texas now, we thought we would change the tradition up a bit, and start a new one and put stars on top. I loved how it turned out!.}

{Me and my little bro! We had a great Christmas and were ready for the New Year when his band came up from Nashville and played here in Memphis - that post with be coming soon!}


Tiffany said...

You always look so cute!.....

I love the painting! I'm sure it will look great in your bedroom! You'll have to share pictures once you put it up!

Kirsten Blowers said...

so pretty! It's tradition for us to have shrimp cocktails on boxing day (british holiday on the day after christmas!)

Amber said...

Looks like you all had a fabulous Christmas! I LOVE the painting! :)

Liz said...

Looks like you had a fabulous Christmas! What a beautiful family you have, too! Thanks for sharing! XOXO ~Liz

Rachel said...

You are the best little hostess, I love all your decorations!

Nuha Sofiyan said...

I love love love that painting!! It's gorgeous!

Suze said...

I seriously love your decor girl! Sooo beautifully put together!

that painting is amazing! what a fantastic surprise!

you have a gorgeous family girlie!

I loved all the pictures!

What yummy food !!! Great Traditions to carry on! :)

Have a blessed day!


Anonymous said...

Hi I recently came across your blog and automatically fell in love when I saw your design style. I LOVE that painting and recently saw it somewhere but wasn't sure if I could make it work in my place. Now after seeing the way you've used it in your dining room re-do I was inspried! But HELP I can't remember where I've seen it?! I've tried to "google it" but no luck, any chance you would share where your hubby bought it? :) Thanks and really enjoy your blog!

Your new West TX gal follower...Christelle :)