Monday, October 18, 2010

House Beautiful Bedrooms!!

House Beautiful is one of my favorite home decor mags! If I don't buy it, then I am usually thumbing through it at the checkout line at the grocery. They have a great web-site too with great ideas for your home!

Last night I was on and got to looking at some fabulous bedrooms! These are some of my favorites that I saw:

{I think the "Senorita" in all of us would love to have this bedroom!!}

{I'm not always a "pink" person, but this is so pretty I think! Girly with some modern touches!}
{Small, cozy bed and love the idea of the lamp on the ottoman! It doesn't have to be an actual night stand, ottomans work too!}

{Love the white bed against the color of the wall in this room.}
{How cute are the shoes?!?!}

{This bedroom is so eclectic from the bed, chair, and how the photos are places around the room! I love it!}

{I remember seeing this issue and what I loved about this bedroom was the photo over the bed of The Beatles having a pillow fight! What a great photo for a bedroom! I think it would be adorable in a boys bedroom too, especially if he was into music!}

{Now doesn't this room just look so cozy and inviting??}
{Loving the color of this room and the pops of color throughout!}

{This room would be so perfect for a beach house!!}

What rooms are your fav?

To see more beautiful bedrooms, visit


Melissa said...

I subscribe to that magazine! All those rooms are gorgeous!

Jen said...

My favorites are 4 and 13!

aLiCia* said...

i love the gray wall with the white bed...actually i love them all. now I want to decorate! ha

Marissa said...

I love all of them! I have never heard of that magazine! I need to start reading it!