Friday, April 9, 2010


Falling in love with this beautiful weather we have had here lately!! Hope it sticks around for a while!

Ready to go to church this weekend! We go on Saturday nights and it's our date night followed by going out for Sushi!

In times when you have worries, give it to God! I have been trying really hard lately to do that, rather then keep it all for myself. Sometimes when you give it to Him, He will come through and provide you with answered prayers! It happened to me this week! ;)

Doing better on going to the gym, I went 4 times this week, plus did my weights at home. My schedule has been a little better about allowing me to go, plus I've just made myself! It feels so good to be back in there!

Am dying to get out and plant some flowers, need to do it soon. But I am so indecisive about the kind of flowers I want to plant. Something low maintenance, but pretty. Any suggestions?

Ya'll have a great weekend!!!!!


Sarah Ann said...

You have a good weekend, too! :)

Anonymous said...

Enjoy this weather! I'm ready to dig in the yard and make it look pretty, too!

annechovie said...

God always lifts the burden off me when I take it to Him - great advice. Enjoy your weekend and some beautiful weather! xx

Heather said...

haha I love your post on vaseline - I havee dry skin and use it all the time. I even use it on the ends of my hair and eyelashes to define them !

Aly @ Analyze This said...

Good job on the gym/weights this week!! That rocks!!

I want to plant some flowers, too...just want to wait another week or two...need to make sure there are no more "night frosts!"

Caroline said...

Thanks for supporting Coeur de La!! I love this blog of yours and I am here to stay. XO

katie + bret said...

Ha - That baby makes me laugh. Congrats on the 4 times at the gym this week! That's great!!

Have a great weekend, enjoy the weather and enjoy church :)

Anonymous said...

Lindsey, Thanks for visiting Inspired Design.. it lead me to your great blog. I will be following you as well! Have a great weekend. ~Debby :)

Anna said...

Hello Lovely,

Ok..this post is super cute and gave me a good chuckle..thank you :) x