Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Show 'N Tell Tuesday: Our Pumpkin


Mike and I carved our pumpkin Sunday Night and I just LOVE it!! I decided to do a "N" for Nabors! I can't take all the credit though . . . I just drew the N and then Mike carved it. We have not carved a pumpkin in the past. I grew up always going on a picnic in the Fall with my parents and brother every year and my Dad would carve one, but since Mike and I have been together, we have never carved one ourselves. We've always bought several pumpkins and put them on our porch or inside for decoration - but never carved one. He said he had only carved a pumpkin once or twice before in his life - so for not having carved many, I think he did an AWESOME job!!! I just love it!!! I think I will make this a tradition and we will do a "N" pumpkin every year. Then when we have kids we'll do a fun one with a face of course too - but this could be my pretty pumpkin. It really helped me complete our kitchen table too. I love coming home at night and lighting a candle in the pumpkin, it looks so pretty!

Oh and I found my Bittersweet berry wreath and put it outside on our patio door. I love this wreath because it's great for Fall and then is also a good transition wreath getting into Christmas. I'm not as big on wreaths as I used to be, but I love this one. So that's our carved pumpkin and wreath. I posted about some of our other Fall decorations a while back. Since then I have made a few changes, not many. But now that our pumpkin is done and I just found my wreath that was tucked away in a box from moving - I feel like I've got all I want out for Fall. Now before I know it, it will be time to put it all away and get Christmas stuff out! But I'm going to enjoy my Fall stuff till Thanksgiving!


Annie said...

it turned out perfect esp with the bow on the stem! :)

i can't wait to decorate for christmas!!
looking forward to seeing your christmas decor! loved all your fall/halloween stuff!:)

Rachel said...

I love your pumpkin. I have been meaning to get some and paint monograms on them, but haven't got the chance. I'm such a slacker :).

Go East Memphis Mama said...

Love the pumpkin!

Mrs. Misadventure said...

the pumpkin turned out super cute! I really love the way you have it set up as a table centerpiece :)

Ashley said...

SO CUTE! I love it Linz!! PS- love you!!!!

Meagan said...

I love it!! I did our monogram last year!

Visual Vamp said...

Lovely! I 'm going to try this!

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the davidsons said...

very,very cute!