Sunday, October 11, 2009

Just a Few Fall Touches

I got a few more things for Fall out this weekend. Still didn't get a chance to go get big pumpkins or mums yet since I had to work all weekend, but I hope to do it next weekend. I did a few things around the house though, so I guess it's a start. I'm always changing things until I am satisfied - so what you see may change in a week
or at least be tweaked a little. But I'll show a few things I've done so far.

Buffet in the Dining room. This is actually my dresser, but when we moved and got a new bed I didn't think it really went with our new bed and it actually matched the Dining room table almost perfectly. So I moved it in there and put a mirror I had on top of it. Still have a lot more to do to this room, like paint the walls and stuff. I have this piece of art (forget the Artists name,) but I like the colors in it. It reminds me of fall, so I put it on the buffet too.
I bought these roses this weekend at Fresh Market & made a couple arrangements. I like the color for fall and then added some twigs to it. They will look even better when they bloom more.

On top of our Armoire that holds the TV in the living room. I have a DIY project to show in this room . . . will probably do it tomorrow!!
I LOVE getting a new magazine!!! This is one I got this weekend.
I put a few things on my Bamboo cutting board on the stove. I got this little thing of Aroma sticks and it smells like pumpkin spice , love it!
I forgot I had this little straw ottoman - so I got it out this weekend and moved this tree from the DR to the den & placed it on the little ottoman. I'll keep it here till Thanksgiving probably, then I'll have to put it somewhere else because we put a Christmas tree in this room, along with one in our living room.
A couple things on the mantel - still not done here . . .
Kitchen table. I have 2 of these on either side of this yellow pot. Still a work in progress too.
Another little arrangement I put in the kitchen. I LOVE fresh flowers. It's one of my most favorite things to have around the house, that and candles! It's not a necessity & sometimes I think I shouldn't spend the money on them, but at the same time I like to enjoy a little something. These roses were only $5 for a whole bouquet of them, so I thought that was great deal. And since I can make 2 arrangements out of them, it's even better. I try to make them last too by cutting the stems in about 5 days to a week.


Anonymous said...

I love your decorations! I always can't wait to get new magazines in the mail too! Hope your having a great Monday! = )

LC said...

cute house! we're in the middle of packing and moving so i have to skip the fall decorations this year....but i'll more than make up for it when xmas rolls around!

Annie said...

i LOVE all your fall decor!
and i think i want your house ;)

Ashley said...

WOW this looks great Linz. You are so creative! I love your house!

Glad we got to talk earlier, I miss you!

Ash ;)

Brown Girl said...

so so pretty, I want a house to decorate. Soon brown girl, soon. ;)

the davidsons said...

Love love love your style! I can't wait to see this DIY project!

Jillian said...

Love your fall decorations!!!

In this wonderful life... said...

CUTE fall decor..lovin it all! I have those napkins and plates..gosh i love fall!