Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Dreaming of Closets

Last night before Mike got in the bed we were in the bathroom and I was taking my contacts out and doing my nightly ritual of washing my face ect. He went in our walk in closet and proceeded to tell me how we should move all of my clothes into the linen closet so he can put a flat screen, his Wii, a bean bag chair and some other things into the closet so it could be his own little space (A.K.A "Man Cave.") I just looked at him and laughed. I asked him what he would do with all of this clothes?? He just laughed too. I told him that there was NO way all my clothes, purses and shoes would fit in the linen closet and then also told him that although our closet is a good size, I thought it would be too small to be his own little room. He said he's always wanted a smaller room like that. I found that odd because I would think a guy would want a big room. In our house before we had a bonus room that we had our computer in and it would have been the perfect room for him. All of this was really just silly talk! But I just found it amusing that he liked the closet, a smaller room, rather than a larger room. I still don't get it?? Maybe he finds it cozy? ha ha - who knows?? We have a bonus room in our house now, but it is basically being used as an attic because it is full of boxes and furniture. We have a guest bedroom - but it is just that, a guest bedroom. Then we have 2 other rooms, one which is my brothers up stairs when he is home from school, and then the other one downstairs next to the guest room is like the "music" room with a full set of drums, a keyboard and guitar. We are not planning on keeping these rooms like this forever, but right now that is how they are.

I understand Mike's desire to have his own little room, I think we would all like to have something like that and it just be our own. Speaking of all of this made me think of one room in particular I would love to have . . . a beautiful, custom, larger then life closet!!

Eva Longoria's Closet

Nicky Hilton's Closet
Miley Cyrus's closet (not crazy about her - but I do love her closet!!)

Hey - a girl can dream right?? Oh and one more thing I forgot to mention! If I had a closet like one of these - I would insist that it also come with . . . . drum roll please . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


One that would keep the closet nice and tidy, fold my clothes and put them away so that there would not be one single shirt, shoe, or bra on the floor. Sigh - that would be heaven!! Oh and I would not share her either, Mike would have to get his own (but he would have to get a Butler, ha ha.)

And since all of this came to mind from the convo with my hubby - I must not forget him . . . . after all - If I ever had a closet like this - you think I'd be sharing??? NO WAY! I'd have Mike get his own custom closet too!

And can't forget his "Butler" - because my days of picking up dirty socks and underwear would be over.

Okay, back to reality - but it sure was nice dreaming for a while!


Sole Matters said...

i LOVE mariah's closet!!! nicky's isnt too bad either. i like the white for the closet the best.

the davidsons said...

Ohhh...I wish!!!

Melissa said...

I would be the happiest girl alive with any one of those closets! I totally dream like that too!!

Lucinda said...

Couldn't you just die for any of these? It just isn't fair!

Ashley said...

Oh my gosh! I am in love!! I want all the shoes in her closet too! Love it!

Love you BFF- you are the best!

Julee Turner said...

Ok.. I LOVE CLOSETS and I REALLY love organized closets! I would die for one that is like a dressing room! I seriously would love to have a closet organizing business! ha! Great post!

Annie said...

oo, la la! i would LOVE to have any one of those closets!!
not only for myself but for my fiance. i have our walk in closet to myself right now but it's full and billy has his own closet but it's not big at all. since i do all the laundry, fold and put it away i get frustrated putting his stuff away sometimes. never seems like there is enough room ;)
fun post girly!!

The DIY Show Off said...

haha! It's funny how our minds wander and those closets are AMAZING! It reminds me of that superbowl commercial with the walk in closet!


I do love my daydreams. :)


~ Kelly Ann ♥ said...

I would die for any of these's closets- and a maid. Maybe in my next Life-lol

Have a great day!