Thursday, October 22, 2009

7 Things & Cosmo

To my surprise I have received another blog award! OMG - 2 in one week?!?! Yesterday I hopped over to a new follower of mine, The Pink Polka Dot, just to check out her blog and was surprised to see that she had given me an award. Thank you!!! And I look forward to following her blog - isn't the name of it just so cute??
To receive this award I have to:

*Thank the person who nominated me for the award
*Copy the award
*Tell 7 things about myself that people may not know
*Nominate 7 others for the award

7 Things about myself:

1. I am married to a personal trainer - but you would never know it by looking at me! ha ha! It is not his day job - just something he does on the side from time to time. Working out (mainly weight lifting) is his passion!! He goes to the gym just about everyday - I wish I did! We used to go all the time together, but now our schedules don't allow for that to happen. I wish it did - I loved going to the gym with him!

2. I went to church with Bill Clinton when I was a little girl in Little Rock. When I got saved at the age of 7, he wrote me a letter - which I still have till this day. He was the Gov. of AR at the time. I know a lot of people do not like him, but I always have. Didn't see Hillary much - she went to a different church I think. But Bill was there all the time and sang in the choir and sometimes Chelsea was in my Sunday school class. Although he has made mistakes (like we all have) he was and is very charismatic in person and when you are face to face.

3. My diamond that is in my wedding ring, along with 2 others, were carried over from Germany by the owner of the store I work for, so I could pick out the one I wanted for my ring (engagement ring at the time.) It is a special type of diamond called a Gabirielle Cut Diamond - which has 105 facettes, rather than 57 facettes that a Brilliant Cut Diamonds has.

4. I am not a big fruity drink person when I go out for drinks - never have been. I am a wine, beer, vodka type of girl. If I'm going to have a cocktail I like a Dirty Martini, Cape Cod, or a vodka tonic nothing to0 fruity.

5. My hair is naturally curly. I get it from my dad (thanks Dad!) I used to wear it curly all the time and a lot in high school - but for some reason it doesn't seem to do as good curly as it used to. Perhaps my hair has changed as I've gotten older, or maybe I've straightened it to much over the years, ha ha.

6. Speaking of hair one time I got my hair done and a Chi straightener burnt half of my bangs off!!! I got a trim and color - and everything was PERFECT and just as my hair dresser (and friend) was finishing up and straightening a last few pieces, she went over my bangs and I saw all of this hair just fall in my lap. The Chi malfunctioned and burnt a chunk of my bangs!! Normally I would've started crying - but my brother had just lost a good friend of his in a car wreck a week before - so at this time I had the attitude that it was just hair and it would grow back. Normally I really would have been SO upset. My friend felt SO bad too - but it wasn't her fault! But to make matter worse, I was going to be in my best friend, Ashley's wedding a few weeks later . . . . ugghhhh

7. hmmm - last thing that most of you may not know about me . . . . trying to think of something interesting here . . . I was a model when I was a little girl. I was in clothing magazines. Pretty fun! I should pull some of those pics out!

Now to pass this on to 7 others . . .

4. Llama @ Llama Tales

There are many more I could pass this on to, but these are my 7 peeps I wanted to pass it on to today.

One last thing . . . the other night I was feeling "blah" and not in the best of moods due to good 'ol PMS! Mike had to run up to Wal-Greens and not only did he do me a huge favor by buying me some tampons (ha ha) but he came home with a magazine to cheer me up. He knows that I like Kim Kardashian and he said that when he saw this mag he just had to get it for me. The magazine is Cosmo and in the top right corner it says "For Sexy Bitches Only." ha ha ha - he said he saw that and had to get it for me. I could take that a couple ways, ha! There are also a couple of topics on the cover that could be the reason why he bought this for me too - LOL! But it was sweet of him to get me a magazine! (and the tampons!! - if that doesn't show that someone loves you, I don't know what does??)


Anonymous said...

Congrats on your award...totally deserved! Loved reading your list, I have the natural curl goin' on too. When I was in HS this chick let the color on my hair too long and fried off my bangs..all I was left with was spikes..I would have cried but it was my boyfriend's {at the time} momma that did what can ya do? Thank you much for thinking of me, I cant wait to post it! I just love your blog and that you are a fellow TN girl! Congrats to all of the other ladies you nominated and hope you have a great weekend! Oh yeah, stop by and enter my giveaway. = )

In this wonderful life... said...

Congrats on the award! I liked reading your 7 things!

I've not read Cosmo in FOREVER! I sent hubby in the store to get me a sprite and he came out with US Weekly too...they're learning :) haha

Amber said...

Thanks for the award and congrats on your award! What a great husband you have, any man that will buy you tampons is great in my book :)

Llama said...

Awww thank you thank you so much for the award! It was so nice of you to think of me sweetie! I will add your name to my page!

Llama said...

it was so sweet of your man to get you a magazine and adorable and brave of him to get the tampons! too cute!

Rachel said...

This is a great list. I always thought Bill Clinton would be cool despite the indiscretions!

LC said...

LOL, you have a good man there! my husband would be mortified to ever buy tampons!!! thanks for the award too...i'll get started on my list:)

Anonymous said...

hi there! Just tagged you for an award over at my place too. = )

Jen said...

Thanks girl! So sweet of your man to come home with Cosmo!!