Sunday, September 13, 2009

Our Weekend

This weekend we didn't do much, but it was still nice! Friday night Mike and I went to dinner at Abuelo's , and then after that we went to Barnes & Noble. That's one of our favorite things to do - go look at books. Normally we get a coffee - but we were too stuffed from dinner and decided not too. I ended up leaving with 2 books, both great deals. One I saw and knew my dad would enjoy. It was kind of an architectural book about unique wood homes. So I got that and I may try to hang on to it till Christmas, but I really want to go ahead and give it to him too. The other book I got was just a cute book called "Dear Mr. President." I love books about real life, & true things that have happened as well as history and presidents. I thought this book was neat because it contains letters written over the years to our Presidents. Some are from average people, kids, and even other famous figures.

This letter is from Queen Elizabeth II to President Eisenhower
Notice the Buckingham Palace Stamp
From a 2nd Grader to Harry Truman
From Mother Teresa to Jimmy Carter
From Elvis to Nixon

I think this book is a great coffee table book and I'm thinking of going to get a couple more for Christmas gifts. I think my grandparents would enjoy it! Sat. I worked till 4:00 and after that I killed some time and went to TJ Maxx to look for some pants. I have been trying hard not to shop lately - but I told Mike the other night that I really needed to go shopping for some new pants. I feel like I've been in such a rut when it comes to pants. I either wear jeans, or dresses to work. I have capri's and stuff but didn't wear them much this summer. I lucked out and found some great dressy jeans (2 pairs), black dress pants, and then some dressier capris The capris I found were only SEVEN DOLLARS!!! They were marked down - love that! Both of the black pairs were from Limited. Then I got a cute cute bag. I need another bag/purse like I need another whole in my head - but It was such a cute fallish type bag and it was only $20. It will be great for me to put my laptop in too! So I lucked and left TJ's with 4 pairs of pants and a new bag!!

After that I met my Mom and we went to the Sat. night service at church. Mike had to work and wasn't able to go, so we went. I love our church so much! I have never in my life loved a church as much as this one. I just feel so at home when I walk in! Something really cool about it is that they always serve gourmet coffee. They have about 3 or 4 coffee stations set up throughout the building and you can pick the flavor you want and then take it into the service with you. This weekend they had candles all on stage and it was beautiful!!! The pastor is starting a new series all on PRAYER and so I think the candles helped set the mood for the message. I whispered to my Mom that they must have known we were coming and lit some candles. . . ha ha - we both LOVE candles and have them lit all the time at home!!! The music and entire service was amazing as always. I kept thinking to myself that it was so cool to worship in the atmosphere with the candles - it was just a cool, awesome experience - guess you had to be there to really grasp it. After church we went into the adorable little gift shop they have. The gift shop has all kinds of things from worship cd's,handmade jewelry with verses, t-shirts, art, cool handmade picture frames, and even home decor. My Mom bought this really cool candle stand. It was only $38!!! We expected it to be more.

That's another cool part of our church. I mean how many churches do you get to enjoy gourmet coffee while you listen to God's word, sing and worship in an amazing atmosphere and then shop after the service??? Oh and they also have a huge fridge full of homemade dinners, soups, dips, & desserts that people can pick up and take home to feed their family. It is all just so awesome. But more importantly, (like I said before) - I feel so at home when I walk in those doors and when the service is over I am always wishing it was longer because I enjoy it just so much. I have never ever been that way in any other church I have ever gone too, so I am so happy to have found a church that really fills my spiritual needs.

Took this pic with my phone - but it does not do the atmosphere and the candlelight justice at all!!! This was during an amazing song before the sermon.

After that Mom and I went to this new Sushi place called Rain. It is right down the street from the house Mike and I lived in in Cordova where we moved from in March. I think it had just opened when we moved. I mean it is so close I could have walked there. I wish we had gone right before we moved because it was SOOO good. Great sushi, and very cool atmosphere. It was so good and we will defiantly go back very soon!

Today I lounged around a little. Kind of had a slight head ache so it took me a while to get going. I cleaned our bathroom, and then cooked White Bean Chili (with chicken) and Jalapeno corn bread for dinner.

The recipe came from CIRCA, a local restaurant in downtown Memphis. It was really good! After din din I was so anxious to watch Design Star!! It was the season finale and I couldn't wait to see who won!!! The guy who won, Antonio - is so cool and so different from all of the winners in the past. He has his own unique style and I can't wait to watch his show!! So that's about it for our weekend. I am off tomorrow - so glad about that! Mike is always off on Mondays so I am glad that we can be home together. These next couple weeks I am going to be working 6 days a week because my boss is going to Germany for ordering. So I hope I can get some rest tomorrow and a few more things accomplished around the house. Hope everyone else had a great weekend too! Night Night!

REVISION: Did anyone watch the VMA's? I missed it - but watched the clip of what Kanye did to Taylor Swift. I like her okay - but what he did was so wrong. I have not liked Kanye much due to his stupid attitude - but I can officially say I HATE Kanye West!!! It's a shame too b/c he does have some great music - but seeing the way he acts really makes me want to never listen to his music again!!! You'd think after all he's been through with a bad car accident and then losing his mother would make him act kinder and grateful - but no - he's a complete jerk!!!


Amber said...

Great books! I agree about Kanye! Why is he even invited to these award shows? What an idiot!

Jennifer said...

What church do ya'll go to? That service looked amazing! And I've heard a lot of good things about Rain, but haven't tried it yet. Hubs doesn't like sushi!!

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

So glad you found an amazing church. I have felt the same way about a new church we found, and in am awe the entire time. Such a wonderful feeling. I missed the VMA's, but caught it on youtube!

Annie said...

that books sound great!
glad you had such a good weekend! you stay busy girly!
i watched the vma's, kanye is a dbag! can't believe what he did! at least beyonce made up for it to taylor. i love taylor swift ;)