Monday, August 24, 2009

J.Crew Fall Fashion Rejects

Tonight my Mom and I were looking at the latest J. Crew catalog I received in the mail today and neither of us were all that impressed. Actually, I got tickled because my Mom just started laughing while looking at some of these outfits! ha ha! There were a few things that looked cute and I would wear, but some things . . . . . we were like EWWWW! All I know is that if wearing jeans rolled up with colored socks and peep toe heels, just rolled out of bed looking hair, turtlenecks with cut off-rolled up jean shorts, and grandma looking paisley dresses with a striped scarf is the "Look" for fall - then I guess I will be out of style!

(Sorry some of the pics are kind of blurry!)

I like everything from the waist up in this next pic -the clutch too! Just not diggin the rolled up jeans & the socks.

This next outfit looks like something that was pulled out of goodwill or my great grandmothers closet, minus the bag of course. (Not to bash goodwill - I know people have actually found some treasures there - but you know what I mean . . . )

Anyone want to take a wild guess at the price of this "lovely" look . . . . well the dress, cardigan and scarf all together is $268. The dress itself is $150 . . . . . yeah ummm - no. Not that I would not or have not purchased several dresses around this price, but I would not pay that for this dress.

I know that when it comes to fashion, many designers and spreads in magazines are not always realistic as far as what everyday people would actually wear. I DO enjoy photos in magazine like VOGUE where girls have crazy out of control hair and outfits that may not be practical for the average woman. To me that is art and it is still fun too look at. But when you are trying to sell clothes in a catalog, I just don't get how some of these looks are appealing and actually sell? Does anyone agree? I think some of these looks would fly a little more if you lived in NY or something, but for those of us who don't - I know I would get some crazy looks if I walked out of the house wearing some of these outfits. I know we are all different and have different taste. Life would be so boring if we all looked the same! But - I still just don't get some of these outfits?!?! Some people may not like what I wear and that's okay too. All I know is that looking in this catalog did not make me think "I HAVE to have that!" And I would think that is what J.Crew's marketing department would want their customers and potential customers to think.

I actually work right by a J. Crew - I don't go in there a ton though. I see cute things in there from time to time. Mike likes their clothes, so sometimes we find things in there for him. I do usually love their coats and during the summer I have found a cute dress - but I'm just not into the collard shirt, very preppy look. I do love a crisp white blouse sometimes, but since I grew up going to a Private School my whole life that made us wear a solid color collard shirt and khaki pants EVERY single day - that look has just not appealed to me AT ALL!!

While there are many things I do not like in the catalog, there were a few looks I DO like. . . .

These tights and ankle boots are cute. Don't know that I could pull it off since I am short and don't have the longest legs, but on the right person, this can be a nice look.
Love all of these necklaces and the idea of layering them.
As I said before, J.Crew almost always has great coats!
When looking at the web-site, the outfits they have put together don't seem as bad as some in the catalog. There are actually some really great pieces.

Love this dress!!
Like this dress a lot too - but again . . . what's up with the SOCKS???? Who would wear socks with a fabulous dress like this?
Cute, casual look! Love the necklace!


In this wonderful life... said...

I totally agree with you on the whole catalog isn't art like a fashion magazine! Personally, I will not be wearing any colored socks with my jeans rolled up to see...nor will anyone I know....or probably anyone that lives in this state. HA! Maybe they should do different catalogs by regions/state?

Annie said...

none of that stuff will ever be in style in MN. at least not in my area, ha!
colored socks with peep toes or high heels....i don't think so! haha!
i really like the necklaces though!
i just bought one that is a bunch of different ones put together, i love it!

Ashley said...

Man, I would be really scared if I went to WMT or anywhere in this town and saw someone wearing heals with socks... fashion NONO! Why would they do that... you would think they would know that it's going to hurt their business! UG!



Paige said...

I am not sure where you are from- but the whole socks thing wouldn't go over too well here! I have always loved jcrew as well, but some of the outfits just crack me up that you are paying hundreds to look like you just rolled out of bed!!