Sunday, June 21, 2009

Wishing I was with my Dad today . . . . .

I am not able to be with my Dad today - since he is in TX 13 hours away. I was going to go see him along with my brother and Mom - but it didn't work out this time. My Mom flew out yesterday so she could be with him this weekend, so I'm really glad about that and glad that he is not alone on Father's Day. I just talked to him and he and my Mom were sitting on the patio at a really cool restaurant in Lubbock.  My mom was having a Bloody Mary and my Dad was enjoying a frozen Margarita! So sounds like they are enjoying themselves -and I'm glad! 

I stayed up till 4a.m. the other night making a CD for my Dad for Fathers Day. He's really into country right now and is always watching the top 20 countdown on CMT. He likes the song "I told you so" by Carrie Underwood as well as Alan Jackson, Toby Keith, Rascal Flats and so much more. So I stayed up and made 2 CD's and did over 3o songs total. I talked to him just a minuet ago and he said that he loved the CD and couldn't have gotten anything better - so that made me feel so go0d!! I never know what to get him?? I always try to think of something different and something that he would get excited about but I think I did it this time!! He's on the road a lot traveling for his job and then in the car 15 hours when he drives home instead of flying, so when he is on the road he will have some good music to keep him company!

I love my Dad more than anything and it's been so hard while he has been away - but I know he is always there for me and loves me so much! I feel the same!!

So Happy Father's Day to the best Dad in the world!!! You are my hero!!!

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