Sunday, June 21, 2009

Baking for Big Mike

Today I baked an Apple pie and some of my famous brownies with toffee and nuts. I made them both for Mike's Dad. Mike took his Dad to dinner tonight and then to see a movie, and so when he picked him up he took the pie and brownies with him to his parents.

I have baked pies before of course, but have never done the Lattice top on a pie - so I did it today. Not too bad, but will probably do better when I do it again sometime. I need to do better on making all of the strips of crust the same width. I may try it again in a couple of weeks when my Dad comes back. I love baking, it's so fun!!

People call my Mike "Big Mike" b/c he's a big, muscular, football looking guy - but to family, Mike's Dad (Mike Sr.) is Big Mike and my Mike is "Little Mike." So that's what I call Mike's Dad too.

The filling has been added . . . now time for the Lattice Top
Lattice top done, now need to trim . . . .

Egg whites make the top of a pie shine
Ready for the oven

The finished product! 

My famous brownies!! They are delish!!

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Annie said...

You are so sweet and both desserts look delish!!