Monday, June 8, 2009

There will be light!

Over the past few months I have purchased 2 lamps. I got a black one from Target and then a few weeks ago got a silver one from TJ Maxx. I love them and know that years from now I will always be able to use them. They are stylish and basic and will look good in any space. What I also love about them is that when I was looking around for the type of floor lamps I wanted, I found some that I liked, but much more expensive. So when I found these I was so excited because they were both under $100 - not bad for a floor lamp!

This silver lamp is $299.99

This is the one I got at TJ Maxx for $79.99

This black lamp is $169.99

I got this one at Target for 69.99. 

This lamp came with a red shade and I used that for a while, but then changed our living room when we moved and purchased a cream shade.

Now I know that these lamps do not look identical compared to the more expensive ones, but they are pretty darn close - and can't be beat for the price! 

Lamps are great because if you find a good base with a nice design, you can always use it and always change the shade to any color you  need. I think gold, black, silver, crystal or white lamps are all basic, staple lamps that you can keep forever and change as your taste and spaces change. That's what I have kept in mind when I purchased these lamps!

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