Tuesday, June 16, 2009

"Speidi" & Al Roker

Yesterday on my way home from work I was listening to the radio and heard something about Spencer and Heidi . . .AKA "Speidi"on the Today Show and their interview with Al Roker. They played a clip and while I'm not a huge fan of Spencer and Heidi, I did think the way Al Roker spoke to them was rude and you could tell he obviously thinks they are a joke - which I do too, but still it was rude. He kept asking Heidi if she was "proud" of how she acted on "I'm a Celebrity, Get me out of Here." She wasn't giving a yes or no answer and was answering in her own words and he would not accept that answer and kept asking her if she was "proud." 

I just now watched the actual clip from the show, but when I first heard it on the radio yesterday I thought he sounded very rude and condescending. Again, I'm not sticking up for "Speidi" because they are pretty stupid at times and I will be amazed if their marriage lasts. When I first heard this yesterday, I got to thinking about what I would have said if I had been Heidi sitting there as Roker kept asking me if I was "proud" of how I acted. I would have said, "Well Al . . . . are you "proud" that you let yourself become a total fat a** and have to have surgery to lose weight? Are you proud that you are really only a weatherman who gets to interview people from time to time? Are you proud that you are sitting here interviewing us because your co-hosts only interview the "big time" celebrities?" Oh -Snap!  ha ha! I'm sure I could think of even more rude, "back at you" comments - but those are just what came to my mind.  

Spencer and Heidi are pretty upset about this and I probably would be too, although it is kind of funny at the same time because they act like that are the shiznit and Spencer treats people like crap, so . . . when it comes back around on them it is quite amusing.  Al Roker was probably more pissed off that he was the one having to interview these so called "celebrities" and that this couple is such a joke that Matt Lauer or Meredith Vieira would never stoop to having to interview them. Pretty funny if you think of it that way!

Oh and one more thing . . . did anyone else notice that Whitney from the Hills and the City was like the only one who was not at Heidi and Spencer's wedding???? That dawned on me a couple of weeks ago and I thought that was so weird! They had everyone else and their mom there but where was Whitney? They were all on the show together . . . . . just thought that was odd.

And for the record once again, I am not a "Speidi" fan - although they are amusing and give me lots of laughs! 


Annie said...

You are totally right, where was Whit at the wedding!?! I didn't even realize that.

I love Speidi tho, total drama.....lol! They are pure entertainment and I totally watched "I'm a Celebrity, Get me out of Here."

Lucinda said...

Amen sister. And can I just say it's high time Heidi hire a stylist. Just because you can afford expensive clothes and shoes doesn't mean you know how to wear them. Rachel Zoe, you are needed. Thanks for stopping by!