Sunday, June 14, 2009

Movie Night

Mike and I went to see the Hangover the other night and it was hilarious!!! I thought it was at least!!! I had a really bad headache and really was not in the mood to go see a movie, so I was going to stay home. Mike really wanted to go see it and said he would go by himself and I hated for him to do that, but really didn't feel like going. He didn't mind going by himself (I would, ha ha) but after he left I just got to thinking about him sitting in the theatre by himself and it just made me feel bad so I called him and told him I would meet him up there. He said he wanted to come back and pick me up so we could ride together (so sweet!!) So he came back and we went to the movies and after the movie I was so glad I went. It was good to laugh and be with my hubby!! I am glad I went!!  

Oh and the pic of us was one of our engagement photos. It was taken in the Orpheum Theatre, Downtown Memphis - which is also where I had my Bridesmaid Brunch and Rehearsal Dinner, which was on stage. I love this pic!

So if you need a good laugh  - I would definitely recommend this movie. If you find movies like Super Bad or Wedding Crashers humorous, then you would like this!! 


Lucinda said...

I loved the Hangover. Ritard.

Lindsey Conrad - Nabors said...

My hubby and I think "Ritard" is hilarious!!!! We can't stop saying it! LOL