Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Great Finds for our Nest

I have been meaning to post the new accent chairs we got last week. I have been wanting 2 chairs to go in our living/sitting room. I  had originally had some type of chair with an ottoman in mind for one chair, but the more I thought about it I decided maybe that was not what I needed to be looking for after all. The chairs are to go on either side of our Armoire where the TV is and so it's not like we will ever really sit in them much - they are just their too look good. I'm sure around the holidays, and when we have company or a party they will be used, but on a day to day basis they will not. I went so many places to look, Pier 1, a number of furniture stores, on-line, and could never find anything that jumped out at me. I did find a couple chairs I liked at a furniture store and while I did love them, they were $400 each and I could not see spending that much on 2 chairs that we will not be sitting in all of the time.  I wanted something nice, but not break the bank either - and low and behold I found it. I found these 2 accent chairs and loved them!! I love that they are neutral and I can add some color or texture by adding a pillow. I also love the design on the back of them! Oh and the price . . . $69.99 each!!! They were originally $139.99 each, so I would have paid almost $300 once tax was included for both chairs  -which is still not horrible - but I love the fact that I got 2 for the original price of one! YES!! I think that I will always be able to use these chairs even if I decide to do something else in our living room one day. I took pictures of them in the dining room so I could get a good pic of them side by side . . . . 

My last find was something I found yesterday at Old Time Pottery. Sometimes I go in there to see if they have anything good such as accessories or dishes, but when I was there yesterday everything seemed like junk and I was on my way out when I spotted a very unique fire place screen in the corner. I was not in the market for one of these at all, but when I see something unusual that catches my eye I become interested. Just my luck though - there was not a price on it . . . so I had to flag someone down and wait for what seemed like forever for them to get a price for me. I knew I loved it, but also knew that I was not going to spend a lot on it either. Many of the fireplace screens I have seen that I like are $70 - $150, so I was expecting this one to be at least $50 or $60 if not more. It was heavy too -  so that's what also made me think it would be more expensive. But to my surprise when the lady came back with the price it was only $34.99 . . . . .SOLD!! I thought that was a great deal for such a unique fire place screen. We already had one, but I was not crazy about it -  so I was excited about this unexpected find!  Since it is summer time and the fireplace is not being used, I usually like to light candles behind the screen - it just makes it nice and cozy. 

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