Tuesday, May 19, 2009

UT Bound: Congrats Chelsea

Over the weekend my Mom, brother and I went to a graduation party for my cousin Chelsea who is graduating HS. She is going to be attending college at UT Chattanooga. A couple years ago, her older brother Daniel graduated. He is now at UT in Knoxville. For his graduation gift, I had the idea to make a large basket full of things he would need and could use once he went off to school. I filled the basket with mostly orange things - since that is the primary color of UT. I put orange towels, candy, food (Cheetos, mac n' cheese, candy) and many other useful things. I had SO much fun putting his together, that I decided to do the same for Chelsea. I put all kinds of things in her basket, from washcloths, body wash, lotion , soap, candy, orange tic tacs, nail files, candles, school supplies, and lots more.

I think that is the cutest gift idea to do for someone who is graduating High school and going off to college. Just start gathering up things that you think they could use while going off to school and try to purchase things that go with the school colors. It makes it much more fun and so cute when you present the basket. 

When Chelsea saw that I had done the same thing for her as I did for her brother Daniel, she was so excited because she knew she would find all kinds of useful things, a long with some goodies too. Daniel told me that was one of his most favorite gifts he got when he graduated. He said it was not only fun, but very useful!  

My Mom got her a Coach wristlet - which is also another great gift for a college bound girl! She can put her school ID in it along with her other ID and money and carry it everywhere with her since it can also hooked onto her key chain! I want one for myself too! 

Congrats Chelsea! May you succeed in all you do and never forget that God is always there to direct your path!



Ashley said...

What a great idea! I love your gift baskets, that's my favorite thing! You always have "goodies" for me and I just LOVE that. You are VERY detailed! ;) Hope you are well! XOXO!!!

Ashley said...

Oh and I LOVE the orange ball off the basket! Such a fabulous touch miss!!!