Friday, May 15, 2009

Room by room - It's a start . . .

Hall of Dining Room 

Dining room from Kitchen

We moved over a month ago, and I feel like things are still crazy and I look around sometimes and wonder if I will ever get organized and get things in place and make this house feel like a home??? Last night I couldn't take it anymore, so I worked a little in the Living room, which is right off of the front door and dining room. We spend most of our time in the den right off of the kitchen, so I just have kind of avoided the living room and put it on the back burner. BUT It has been bugging me that the room didn't look somewhat put together or decorated - since it is the first thing someone would see should anyone come by. So I worked in there a little. Got frustrated at first thinking that I was not going to be able to make the room look good with our contemporary furniture and all. But after an hour or 2 of moving things around and digging things out that I had - I made a little start. Now knowing me - it will not stay like this for long. I always like to move things around and change up colors in a room with pillows and accessories -   but like I said, it's a start. I think for just using what I already have - it's not too bad. I pulled out the black fabric we used at my wedding (which was draped over a chandelier where we stood to say our vows . . ) and put that up to see how they could look as curtains. It's not too bad either. If I decide to use them, I will have to get someone to actually sow them so that way there are not any jagged edges. So the black could work, or even I even thought about green drapes which would match the color of pillow on the couch. So we shall see. I just got crazy with my pillows I had and threw a bunch on there - probably wont stay like that either . . . but just having fun. The larger mirror over the couch still has card board on it from when we bought it months ago. I have not been able to decide where I want to hang it or how (vertical or horizontal) so for now it's just sitting on the back of the couch. I think I am going to hang it like that or I thought about going to get another one and hanging them side by side vertically, that might look good. The 2 art pieces above our armoire are just sitting there too, not sure how I want to place those yet either.  

So many things I want to do: paint rooms, change light fixtures, get a few pieces of furniture here and there. But doing those types of things take time and money - so I will just have to do it when I can. In the meantime it's so fun to get ideas and look at magazines and then of course, my favorite: HGTV!!!

Slowly but surely it is coming a long . . . . at least now I will not be totally embarrassed if someone comes to the front door, ha ha. 

Oh and one last thing - we bought a bed yesterday!!! =) After being in the furniture store all afternoon surrounded by nice furniture and decor, it motivated me to come home and work in my own house. So we are SO excited about our bed. It will be here in 2 weeks!! We got a basic, 4 post canopy bed in a very dark wood, not black but more espresso. Can't wait till it gets here, then I can start working on the bedroom, LOL . . . . YAY! 


Ashley said...

Your house looks AMAZING! I love all of the color tones and EVERYTHING! It's looking so good for you guys just moving in. So classy and modern. You are good at decorating little miss, I love that about you! Man once you get that awesome bed you guys got, your room is going to be the best! I can't wait to see it!

Lindsey Conrad - Nabors said...

Thanks doll! It's a start - got a lot more to do, he he! =)