Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Minage a Trois - great red wine!

Tonight I opened up one of my favorite bottles of wine, Minage a Trois! I have purchased it many times, but recently got it as a gift and after a long day today, decided it was time to open it. My Mom and I ended up drinking the bottle, ha ha - not hard to do really. This is a very good red wine and at a very reasonable price of around $12 a bottle - such a deal for a good red wine!!! It is a good, smooth blend and at first taste, you think it is sweet, but it isn't, it is smooth, mellow and overall a unique taste compared to other red wines! It is a wonderful flavor and low on tannins compared to other reds!  It is SO yummy!!! I also like the white wine by Minage a Trois!  


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Ashley said...

I need a glass after Avery with a nice STEAK! YUMMO!!! I love wines... I can't wait to go to a wine tasting... we should do that together sometime! Love ya!