Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Most Amazing Man I Know: My Father

I could sit here all night, tell stories and reasons why my Dad is the most AMAZING Dad on earth, but the truth is, there would never be enough space for me to type or enough time in the world for me to say all I would want to say about my Dad! He has always loved us, worked so hard for his family, always been there, and always put everyone before himself!

I get a lump in my throat just thinking about all he has done for me growing up (and all he put up with too.) Now that I am getting older and thinking about having a family of my own, I realize more and more everyday how hard being a parent is! I know it is not easy, but I also know that while parents say there's nothing in the world like being a parent, I know that there's nothing in the world like being a daughter!

One thing I will share - is that all my life my Dad ALWAYS kissed me and my little brother good night! He always made a point to tell us he loved us and give us a kiss every day! Even today, now that we are all grown up and when we are all together, he still does that! I love that I have that memory! I know that not all Dad's are affectionate or express their love in words, and while it doesn't mean that a father doesn't love his child if he doesn't say it - I can't imagine growing up and not hearing my Dad say " I love you." While to him it was just what he did each day, it was the greatest gift he could have ever given me and my younger brother growing up! I know some people would have loved to have heard those words growing up and I am so grateful I always did!

Happy Father's Day to my hero, my bestfriend, MY DAD!!

I love you.

P.S. Dad, can I have a few bucks??? haha!!
{had to say it for old times sake!!}


little miss southern love. said...

I love the pictures of your and your dad on your wedding day! Can't wait til I can share that moment with my dad.


Llama said...

awww how sweet! I love how your dad always made it a point to kiss you goodnite...see its something youll never forget!