Sunday, June 26, 2011

Feather Party, Fun & Friends

What did I do this weekend you ask? Well . . . I had a Feather Party! Feathers are the hottest summer trend and so many of my friends have been getting them and I just happen to have a friend who does them - so I decided to have a feather party!

I set up my dining room table with chargers to display the feathers and cool photos of girls with feathers - just for the presentation! It was fun to mingle, eat, drink and look at what feathers we all wanted!

I LOVE fresh flowers and having a party gives me an excuse to get a lot of them, so that's what I did! I added these feather balls that I actually used over Christmas in my tree. I loved them mixed in with my arrangements! I had some feather boas stuffed in my closet and had thought about using them to decorate with, but then decided it would look too much like a little girl party and I wanted to keep this party classy but fun at the same time, so I didn't use them!

{Chicken purses - basically like a chicken southwestern egg roll - they were SO good}

{I made these too, which was garlic toast from my local grocery store bakery with cream cheese on top and smoked salmon. I sprinkled some dill on them for color and flavor too.}

{I love doing grape kabobs - they are easy and make a great, pretty presentation!}

{Brie and dried mango. I had some extra garlic toast, which was what was eaten with the brie.}

I didn't get a photo of some of the other things I had to munch on, which was cheese cubes, chips with spinach & artichoke dip, mini brownies, mini carrot cake cupcakes - and of course we had wine. Most of us drank white wine (pinot grigio} but I did have some red for a few people who I knew were red wine drinkers!

More beautiful flowers!!

{I tied neutral feathers around all of the stems of my wine glasses}

{My friend Alexa was the feather stylist and was doing her magic with feathers all night, she did a great job!!}

{My friend Lindsay and me, Lindsey!}

{Me & my friend Kecia}

{My bestie Lindsay with her fab feather!! I just love her hair too, so shiny and beautiful!!}

{My other friend Lindsay (lot's of Lindsay's I know} . . . she was gettin silly with the feathers! ha ha}

{cute girls with their feathers!!}

{This picture was funny - it's the 3 L's: Lindsay, Lindsay and me Lindsey!! I thought they were all making a face, so I did too - but obvisously I was alone - thanks girls! lol}

Oh and these are my feathers, I need to get some better pictures of them . . .

And the best part of the night . . my baby, Mr. Big got a feather too!! I had to bribe him with some cheese so he would be still! I love it!! And suprisingly it's not boterhing him!! It sticks straight up sometimes and I call him Yankey Doodle! so funny!! Even my hubby likes it on him!!

After the party a few of us went out for a bit . . .

{I have no clue what we're doing here . . . silly girls!}

{Me and Alexa who worked hard doing feathers for all my friends that night! She was rockin some fab feathers too!!}

Me and Lindsay!! Love her!!

It was a great time!! I didn't get photos of all the ladies there with their feathers, but they all looked great and had a wonderful time!! It was so fun and something diffferent for all of us to enjoy!!


Abbey said...

looks like you ladies had a lot of fun! I love the feathers in the hair. I still need to get some myself

Christin said...

So sorry I had to miss it :( Last week and this week are just insane. Hope to see you soon!

Ashley said...

My bff knows how to have some fun and throw a themed party, love it!!! HUGS!

Kellie Collis said...

Fabulous! Looks like a blast! Enjoy the wonderful day, Kellie xx