Wednesday, June 15, 2011

$75 Mil . . . . No Big Deal!

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If you haven't heard, Tori Spellings childhood home and home of her late father Aaron Spelling has sold to a 22 year old heiress (yes 22!!) It was listed for $150 Million (no biggy, right) and has been rumored that she paid $75-$85 million for it. Guess that's nothing to Petra Ecclestone, heiress and billionaires daughter!!

"The Manor" which it has been called for years, is located in LA and is a French chateau-style mansion with 123 rooms and 56,500 square feet, and on about 5 acres.

  • It was built for Aaron Spelling in 1988 for a measly $12 million
  • The house includes a screening room, bowling alley, gym, doll museum, three rooms for wrapping presents, four two-car garages, tennis court, and pool.
  • There are 16 carports and the parking lot can hold up to 100 vehicles

{doll museum}

{screening room}

{pool room with a painting of Candy Spelling. The painting is by the famous Andy Warhol who asked Candy if he could paint her portrait, and she couldn't refuse!}

And in case you are wondering just who this young heiress who purchased this famous home is, here she is:

Can you imagine being a 22 years old, a beauty, a heiress AND purchasing a home like this?? WOW!! Apparently she is also engaged and getting married in August! Can't wait to see that wedding!!


Scientific Housewife said...

I saw that and I was surprised! I had never heard of her or thought that Formula One racing had that kind of money to spend! What is she going to do with 123 rooms?

Dee Stephens said...

I heard about this yesterday and almost fell out of my chair. How much you bet they won't even live there fulltime. What it would be like to be rich! GEESH!

Amber said...

I read about this yesterday! Crazy, huh?

Flor said...

She's GORGEOUS- and it's amazing, like you said, how someone so young can get a house so big! Craaaazzyyy!

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chelsea said...

wow! thanks for sharing :)

little miss southern love. said...

Amazing! I have always had a fascination with the spellings! Too bad they couldn't have kept this gorgeous home in the family. No telling what that girl will do to the decor.