Sunday, April 10, 2011

Rockin Weekend with Framing Hanley

This weekend, the hubby and I went with a couple friends to see a band I really like called Framing Hanley. They are best known for their remake of Lil Wayne's Lollipop but have some other songs I love! My younger brother is in a band called Darling Parade, and they got to open up for Framing Hanley in December - which sadly I missed due to work. So when I heard they were coming to Memphis, I knew we HAD to go see them!!

{me & my friend Stephanie before the show. Love how my left earring is turned weird . . . }

{Framing Hanley!!!}

{The lead singer, Nixon! Love him!! He's such a cool guy! Great personality and so gracious to his fans!!}

{They had a couple problems with their mic and as it was getting fixed, they took this dry erase board and started writing on it . . it was funny! Think this one said " Do you wanna Party??"}

{He and his beautiful fiance had a baby boy a year ago and he wrote this amazing song when he found out he was going to be a father of a little boy. It was such a gorgeous song!!}

{hubby & me}

So that was that! It was a great show!! I don't think I have ever seen another band so thankful to their fans!! At the end of the show Nixon said that he was going to stay and shake every persons hand there, which was SO nice! Not all bands/lead singers would do that, so that was so cool!! I really, really wanted to stay and say hi and also introduce myself since he knows my brother, but we had been there for hours and I had worn the wrong shoes and my feet were killing me. Plus, we both had to work the next day (Saturday) so we went ahead and left. But it sure was a great night and I CANNOT wait to see them again . . . . soon!!

Did you all do anything exciting this weekend??


Dee Stephens said...

Sounds fun! We don't get out and see live music very much. We went biking on the VA Creeper Trail. Gorgeous.. go read about it :)

Caroline said...

You are gorgeous!!

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