Friday, November 12, 2010

Catching Up & Pics

I am a little behind here and never posted pictures of us carving our pumpkins before Halloween. Hate I didn't get to it before now, but better late then never, right?

{M carving our Pumpkin!}

{Me carving away}

{Oh and I had made some yummy treats too. Instead of cake pops, I made marshmallow pops! A lot quicker and easier since no baking is involved and they were super yummy too!}

{We had some friends over and one of them works for a company that sells awesome knives, so we used those to carve our pumpkin!}

{Our "N" Pumpkin!}

{I already showed this in a previous post, but this is what I did with our cute Pumpkin. I wanted to enjoy it till Halloween when we put it on the front porch!}

I'm glad it's Friday! I have been working from home today which is nice! Tomorrow we are going to have some photos taken by a very talented local photographer, Christen Jones of Christen Jones Photography. I'm super excited about it. It will be outdoors and the weather here says it may rain but I am just praying it will hold off long enough for us to get some cute pics! Then tomorrow afternoon we are going to my close friend Lindsay's house for her little boy, Whitten's first birthday party! It will be a Pirate themed party and I can't wait to see how adorable it is!! We will stay over there all day and then that night hang out with the grown ups!! So we have a full, fun weekend ahead for us!

Happy Friday to all of you and hope everyone has a fun weekend planned as well!


Expat Girl said...

Have a fun weekend!

Amanda M. said...

OMG - you two are so cute! I always love your pics! And I am totally stealing the monogram pumpkin idea for next year. :)

Jen said...

Love that pumpkin display!

Annie said...

i love how you displayed your pumpkin!!!
and i'll take a marshmallow pop! those look yummy!!

have a great weekend hun! :)

Living It At Home said...

Love the monogramed pumpkin! You are an adorable couple and I loved reading your profile of how happy you are. Thank you for stopping by and your sweet comments! Have a wonderful day~