Sunday, March 7, 2010

OSCARS Ooh La La or Oh No No

So did any of you watch the Oscars or any of the Red Carpet before the awards? Who was Best Dressed in your opinion??

Here is a little recap of a few of the ladies from the night (along with my opinions which no one has to share of course) :

Sandra looked Exquisite!

Not crazy about Kate's dress - think she could have worn something better. This kind of washes her out in my opinion.

Jenny from the block looked sophisticated and pretty in this gown!
I didn't see a ton of black dresses this year at the Oscars, but this one worn by Kristen Stewart is just gorgeous and classic!!! The style of the dress is very figure flattering!! You can never go wrong with black!!!

Cannot decide if I love or hate this little number worn by Zoe Saldana - it's definitely interesting. I keep thinking the bottom looks like tissue paper . . .

Penelope can never look "bad", but I wasn't that crazy about her dress for some reason . . . I just didn't think it really did anything for her. With her great figure, she could have so pulled off something that was more Va Va Va Voom!

Normally I'm not big on such a neutral color because I think it can blend in with skin too much, but I LOVED this and think Demi looks stunning! It was one of my FAV's of the night!

Not big on this blue number Maggie wore

Thought Cameron looked so elegant and beautiful!!

This was pretty, but again, expected a little more from her. Sorry Sarah Jessica!

Still on the fence about Rachel McAdam's gown, think she could have worn something better . .

I know some people like this, but I'm just not too crazy about it. Guess if anyone sitting near her got hot, she could cool them down and fan them off though! ha

Miley Cyrus gets on my last nerve, but she looked really pretty and I loved her dress!! Sad how someone so young and new to Hollywood can look better then some of those who have been around and in Hollywood since before she was born!

I don't think I have words for how Mariah looks??? Her stylist needs to be slapped! I've come to expect nothing fabulous from her, so why am I surprised??


Adam, April & Aidan said...

Lindsey, I love reading your blog and I just knew you were going to post about the Oscar's. As soon as I finished my post about dresses I came straight over here! I agree with everything! =) Great Blog!

Ashley said...

I loved the dresses! My favorite this year was Sarah Jessica Parker! I did expect more of her too!!! But, she looked good! Her hair was crazy but fit the outfit! I liked JLO's too, kinda of. It wasn't my fav, kinda poofy but on TV it looked GOOD!

Love you so much sweetie pie!!!!!

Southern Cinderella said...

My views are basically just like yours on these dresses and those who wore them! My biggest pet peeve was Miley needed to put her shoulders back!!! She was slouching the entire time and it was bad posture!

Deelsu said...

thanks for stopping by. I thought Sandra looked awesome.
Cameron too but so different than her usual look. Can't stand Mariah.

Llama said...

Thank you for posting this! Cablevision took away our Channel 7 and I was not able to watch any of the Oscars! URGGGGHHHHH! You don't know how happy I was to see this today! I LOVE Demi's, Rachel's and Miley's dresses...they look fab! I guess I like neutral tones too...they all stuck out to a good way!

prettyface said...

Demi looked FANTASTIC! Her body is rocking and I swear she looks like she's getting younger.

Lo said...

Love it! I loved almost all the nude/gold dresses.

Anonymous said...

I think my favorites were Demi Moore and (sadly) Miley. There were some great dresses!

Annie said...

i didn't watch the awards so i'm glad you posted this ;)
i am a big fan of demi's dress!! love it!

hope you had a great weekend hun!

Heather said...

hey lindsay!! thanks for visiting my blog. I was so happy Sandra won last night! I really liked Demi Moore's dress and I LOVED Matt Damon's wife's dress, I think that was my favorite!

Caroline said...

I love Rachel's dress. I am watching the oscars now on DVR. Great blog. I missed the red carpet, so it was fun to see the dresses.