Thursday, February 4, 2010

We are the World 2010

I don't know about any of you, but I CANNOT wait to hear the new version of "We are the World!" The original one is so awesome and I can only imagine how amazing the latest one will be! There is something so moving about seeing all of these talented
artist come together for something like this. Artist who have all their own style of music but come together to bring hope and relief to others who are in need! How amazing is that!! Even Lil Wayne was there, ha ha!

After MJ died I went to Youtube and watched the original "We are the World" over and over. I would just get chills hearing it and seeing it! I can't even explain what a touching song this is and the impact it has! Again, so awesome!!!

Quincy Jones produced the original one in 1985 (I was 3, ha ha) and he produce the latest one again, along with Lionel Richie. Quincy said that he has been asked about 30 times over the years to do this song again, but that the time just never seemed right. He said now after what has happened in Haiti, this was the time. I also like to think that it is a tribute in a way to Michael Jackson too. He had such a big part in making the original version happen, and I think it would make him so proud to know that celebs have come together to do this again and to help others!

I would love to name ALL the celebs and artists that participated in this grand event, but that would take a while since there are SO many of them! But if you are curious, look it up. Some of them will surprise you!

To learn a little more about the new "We are the World" take a look at this:


Sara Ballstaedt said...

I LOVE it when they do this! It's so inspiring

Llama said...

I too am excited~ I hope it meets everyone's expectations!

Anonymous said...

lindsey...when i first heard they were remaking this song, my reaction was "oh no" they are going to mess it up. cause i heard snoop dog and lil wayne are just some of the few i am skeptical about. don't get me wrong i love me some snoop dog and lil wayne. but how the times have changed...i am looking forward to it now after hearing who the rest of the artist are, celine sounds amazing as always and i love jennifer hudson and also the fact that it's all gonna be in 3D! i still melt and break when i hear the original one, i hope the new can bring that too.

thanks for sharing.