Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Why am I still up when I need to be in the bed?

Why am I pretty much one of the only people I know that could care less about the Twilight movies?

Why can I not accept a compliment and simply say "'Thank you" ?

Why did I ever decide last December that chopping my hair off was a good idea?

Why do I worry about things I can't change?

Why do I prefer Gummy Vites over regular, grown up vitamins?

Why can't I drink water with meals?

Why can't I get motivated to get back in the gym?

Why can't I stand Miley Cyrus?

Why do I like Biographies and non-fictional books over other kinds of books?

Why do I jump out of my skin and get startled at even the smallest things?

Why did I think I was fat before I got married when I actually wasn't,( I was 20lbs smaller)?

Why don't I spend as much time with God as I do on the computer?

Why do I not like fruity cocktail drinks like most of the girls I know?

Why can't I ever seem to make myself wear flat shoes?

Why am I not crazy about the color Pink like most girls?

Why do I still have a box with a wedding gift for a friend sitting around that I've been needing to mail out for 2 months now?

Why do I not mind washing clothes, but HATE folding them and putting them away?

Why is my husband not a big fan of leftovers?

Why do I too often get the urge to slap people? ha ha . . .

Why do I find it so hard to live so far away from my parents when people have their families even farther, like in other countries?

Why do I prefer having dark nail polish over light colors?

Why am I so indecisive about paint colors for rooms in my house?

Why do some people talk to me all about themselves and their life without even thinking "Hey, I wonder how Lindsey is doing?"

Why do I prefer GMA over the Today Show in the mornings?

Why do I LOVE sleep?

Why does my hubby have an iPhone and I do not?

Why do I find some reality shows SO ridiculous but still get sucked into watching them?

Why do I not wear my hair curly since it's natural instead of straightening it most days?

Why do I not get back to see my BFF, Ashley who is only 5 hours away more often?

Why do Mike and I have to have schedules that make it hard for us to go to church on the weekends?

Why do I not care for Oprah like I used to?

Why do I not wear my cute glasses more often and give my eyes a rest from contacts?

Why did Jay Leno ever think it was a good idea to leave the Tonight Show and start up a new show that sucks?

Why do some people try to act so perfect when no one is perfect and everyone knows it?

Why am I never satisfied with how my house is decorated?

Why do I have a small bladder?

Why can I never have enough, clothes, shoes, jewelry or purses?

Why am I asking "Why" to all these questions when I know the answers? Cuz it's fun, that's WHY! =)


alyssa said...

LovE this post!!!!! how fun!! i agree with pretty much everything...hate twilight, i straighten my curly hair every day too, you do need to get over here to NWA....but come on u know miley is hot ;)

the davidsons said...

I also agree with almost everything! Haha! Good list!

Brown Girl said...

Why ask why? Try Budd Dry.

Children of the 90s said...

Haha, these questions made me laugh! I haven't had the desire to see a Twilight movie, either. I also love gummy vitamins, I can't help it! They make them for adults now :)

Annie said...

those are a lot of good questions! ;)
i agree with pretty much all of them!
esp the twilight vampire stuff....you are not alone!
have a good day sweets!!

Heather said...

there are about 5 whys youve got up there that i why myself with all the time : )i love the "thought i was fat before i got married" im right there with ya.

Ashley said...

Linz! Loved this post! I loved everything about it! I love the one "Why do I sometimes get the urge to slap people" haha! I feel that often! No really, good post. I love how I new 99% of those. Because you are my BFF! ;) I love you so much sweet girl, miss you tons! Wish I could meet up with you in LR this weekend!

PS- I HATE Twighlight movies.. YUCK!

Llama said...

there are so many reasons to wonder why...loved this post! i too prefer kiddy vitamins, hate folding and putting away laundry, have a small bladder, side with your hubby on the leftovers, need to take a rest from my contacts, and refuse to cut my hair after i had it cut waaay to short last year! hope you well sweet girl!

Elenie said...

Hey Doll...just started following your blog and I LOVE it, so I left you a little something on my blog...have a great rest of the week :)

Jennifer said...

I don't care for Twilight, don't spend more time with God than the computer, nor do I have an iPhone. But you are one fantastic lady anyways! :)

In this wonderful life... said...

This is great :) And honest! Love it. I often ask myself WHY to a lot of the EXACT same things. Maybe we will never know... have a good day pretty girl!